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Promedia Cabinets

The product of years of engineering refinements, establishing industry standards such as all welded construction, heavy gauge steel, powder coat finish, interlocking drawers, and leveling glides, Promedia Cabinets are designed to easily house large active and archival professional media collections.

This includes small cassettes, small, medium and large format tape cassettes and CD/DVD discs. You may specify pre-configured cabinets for single media collections or build-your-own cabinets for mixed format collections. This latter style cabinet allows drawers to be easily reconfigured as your collection changes. Cabinets can can even be specified with different height drawers for maximum customization.



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Cabinet Overview

Promedia Cabinet comes in 3 heights

3 Cabinet Heights
Promedia Cabinets come in three heights: Short (27"), Medium (43") and Tall (59")

Promedia Cabinet comes in 2 widths

2 Cabinet Widths
Two cabinet widths, 30" and 48" to accommodate both capacity and space planning considerations.

Promedia Cabinet

1 Cabinet Depth
All cabinets are 24 inches deep, optimized for easy reach.

Promedia Cabinet can add on overfile for more storage

Unique 48" wide overfile with vertical drawers, adds up to 40% more filing capacity in the same footprint.

Promedia Cabinet comes in 3 heights

Locks and interlocks
Drawer interlocks, which prevent more than one drawer from opening at a time for safety, are provided on all Russ Bassett cabinets. Optional turn-key locks provide security and access control.

Drawer Overview

Promedia Cabinet

4 Drawer Heights
Drawer heights range from 4 to 7 inches and these different height drawers can be mixed in the same cabinet to meet your exact requirements.

Promedia Cabinet

Moveable Wire Dividers
Patented dividers adjust infinitely and easily. To reposition simply lift to release tension and slide side to side to create neat and organized rows of media.

Promedia Cabinet

Rigid and Hinged Bookends
The Bookend slides under media to support the row. The hinged bookend for CD's provides a "working V" allowing easy filing and retrieval for this thin media.

Promedia Cabinet

Wire Rack
Engineered wire racks have been created for popular media types, providing discrete slots for an exact filing location.

Promedia Cabinet

Heavy Duty Slides and Full Width Pull
Heavy duty, ball bearing slides provide smooth movement and full access to the drawer interior. Full width pulls add convenience and contemporary appearance and include an integrated label holder.

Media Formats