• Ractrac

Data Media
(Discrete Slot Filing)

When an exact location is required, Discrete Slot filing can be ordered for your specific media format. Each slot can be held open for easy retrieval and accurate re-filing and the media is always fully supported within the wire rack.



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Media Formats - Adjustable Shelves With Discrete Slot Media Racks


LTO / DLT, Adjustable Shelves, Discrete Slots
Gemtrac can house up to 4,480 LTO's per unit using discrete slot filing.


1/2" Mainframe Cartridges
Each Gemtrac unit can store up to 4,960 -3480 type cartridges in discrete slots.


4mm and 8mm Data Tapes
Housing up to 9,400 -4mm tapes, Gemtrac keeps your media organized while providing high density storage.


Disc Storage
For CD type storage, you have the option of straight media racks in the 7” drawer or racks in the 5.5” drawer.

Media Formats - Dedicated Drawers


1/2" Tape Cartridge - Dedicated Drawers - No Springs
Dedicated 3480 drawers have been designed for sequential filing applications. This unique divider system eliminates all unnecessary space between cartridges. Store 5,600 per unit.


1/2" Tape Cartridge - Dedicated Drawers - With Springs
The dedicated 3480 drawer is equipped with cartridge-ejection springs for easy retrieval. It has been designed for random filing applications or any application requiring slot labeling. Store 5,600 per unit.

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