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When Russ Bassett works on a Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) design, we consider every aspect of your operational space.

RTCC Design

When Russ Bassett works on an RTCC design, we consider every aspect of your operational space. This includes the following furniture layouts: storage choices, sightlines, video wall placement, acoustics, workflow, and lighting.

Our team of experienced industry experts will listen closely to understand your unique needs. 

Our real-time crime center furniture and design services help RTCCs address common pain points experienced by criminal analysts. We can create a better workspace for analyst health and attention with a great floor plan, efficient storage, and highly functional console furniture.

RTCC Console Ergonomics

Help your criminal analysts stay tuned in to the work at hand. Russ Bassett’s consoles help analysts maintain healthy, comfortable positions that support attention in front of multi-monitor displays. 

Criminal analysts can adjust Russ Bassett consoles to the most healthful viewing position for their individual bodies with our sit-to-stand surface height, monitor height, and focal depth adjustment features. Analysts also benefit from a waterfall comfort edge and centralized console controls.

Simple. Honest. Robust.

At Russ Bassett, we understand how important it is for RTCCs to have reliable furniture and technology. Our console furniture solutions are known for their dependability.

All of our RTCC furniture components, materials, accessories, and appliances are carefully selected for decade-plus performance in a 24/7 work environment. All Russ Bassett products are covered by our 10-Year Everything Warranty.

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Real-Time Crime Center Endorsements

“Russ Bassett has performed superbly on our project and has been a joy to work with. They brought knowledge, experience, integrity, and a proven record of accomplishment to our project. They contributed significantly to creating a state-of-the-art Real-Time Crime Center for the City of Mesa that will support the police department and citizens for years to come.

Ken Cost

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