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At Russ Bassett, we make command consoles for a variety of highly specialized, mission-critical purposes. Our custom command consoles help teams in public safety, air traffic control, security operations, utilities, government, and many other sectors do their best work.

We offer three main command console lines: Flex, Define, and Vertex/Vector. While all of our consoles offer ergonomic amenities and comprehensive technology integration, each console style is suited to different teams and purposes.

Flex Command Consoles

command consoles

Flex command consoles are designed for use in mission-critical control rooms. With a modular steel framework, sturdy sit-stand height adjustment, and options for both corner and linear consoles, this line gives you the ultimate flexibility in function.

This smart design combines sleek technology integration with an intuitive user interface and ultra-durable construction. A steel technology wall provides secure storage space, and technology cabinets with pull-out shelves give your team even more storage options. The perforated steel helps your equipment stay cool.

Our control dashboard on the flex helps your team members easily adjust the surface and monitor height. You can also add climate controls, dimmers for task and ambient lights, quick-connect USB ports, and a status indicator light supervisor alert.

Define Command Consoles

command consoles

Define command consoles are a more space-efficient option that supports acoustic dividers, a more expansive workspace, unencumbered knee space, and unique technology features. These consoles come with convenient non-handed storage.

This console line offers some unique tech advantages that many mission-critical teams will appreciate:

  • A based frame that holds equipment along the back of the console, plus tech pods that let users store additional large equipment away from the leg space.
  • An ultra-quiet fan and vented panels in technology storage areas to keep equipment cool
  • A tackable acoustic divider that surrounds the console.
  • Thoughtful cable management, including tech cabinets designed for rear pass-through and cable routing to surface-level controls, cable chases, troughs, and energy chains.
  • Front and rear panels that provide dual access to equipment.
  • A convenient control dashboard that includes surface and monitor height adjustment, climate controls, dimmers for task and ambient lights, convenience power and data for charging personal devices, and quick-connect USB ports.

We offer four surface shapes in a range of sizes: corner control, corner wrap, linear control, and linear wrap consoles. You can choose the best Define console option for your team or mix and match for different space needs.

Define consoles also provide a brighter aesthetic than our Flex consoles. You can choose from a variety of wood tones, metal, and calming neutral fabrics and accents.

Vertex and Vector Command Consoles

command consoles

Vertex and Vector consoles are our highly specialized consoles for air traffic control environments. They offer unique tech integration and durability features to support the needs of Tower, TRACON, and ARTCC teams.

Vertex consoles are designed for ATC Tower applications. With custom housings for equipment, users can easily reposition equipment and displays. Your consoles will adjust with you as operational needs change or new technology is deployed. Features include:

  • Custom housing for all of the standard FAA equipment – and if we don’t have what you need, we’ll make it.
  • Pull-out keyboard trays, under-mount lighted jack boxes, flight strip trays, and toe kick lighting.
  • A design that accommodates specialty airport lighting controls.
  • Continuous or individual worksurfaces that can be installed at varying heights.
  • “L- shaped” frame that lets users simply lay cables in rather than threading them through side frame openings.
  • Designated cable trays that keep power and control cables separated.
  • Unistrut mounting that accommodates power and grounding options.
  • Compact console footprint that saves valuable floor space.
  • Rugged, dependable construction.

Vector consoles are designed for radar positions in TRACON, RAPCON, and ARTCC applications. Features include:

  • Heavy-duty welded frames that have been seismically tested and certified to 2.0 G. These are patented.
  • Multiple, full-width brushed grommets that let you easily pass cables from the front while ensuring total light block from the controller position.
  • A rear, roll-up tambour door that keeps technology completely concealed from the front-side view and gives tech-ops access without doors swinging into the aisle.
  • When the tambour door rolls up, lights come on like the inside of a refrigerator, giving users a clean and well-lit equipment area.
  • A full, rear-side Slatwall frame that provides the same universal mounting advantages as the Slatwall on the front side.

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