Last updated on December 11th, 2023 at 03:09 pm

A global security operations center needs high-quality command consoles that will support health and productivity while staying in continual use for many years. Whether you are building a new state-of-the-art operations center or looking to make the most of your existing space, your consoles should provide all the features your team needs to succeed.

Here are just a few reasons to consider buying your global security consoles from Russ Bassett:


Global Security Console Technology Integration

The best global security consoles integrate with all the technology you need for state-of-the-art operations. Ideally, consoles should keep critical surveillance and communications technology at optimal temperatures within vented cabinets to avoid clutter. Not only do our consoles do this, but we integrate cable troughs and chains with all of our control room furniture. Users can easily keep power and data cables organized and protected from accidental disconnection.


Multi-Point Ergonomic Adjustment

Global security teams need well-designed, ergonomic furniture to work at their best. The ability to maintain a healthy posture promotes focus and engagement, especially over the course of long shifts in front of screens.

Our highly adjustable global security consoles have user controls within easy reach of the console operator. Single-touch controls enable operators to easily dial in their ideal monitor height and focal depth. We also offer a personal comfort system with ultra-quiet, movable desktop fans, directionally adjustable heaters that can be mounted below the surface, centrally located temperature controls, and occupancy sensors to turn appliances off after 15 minutes when no movement is detected.

In addition to supporting operator health, we design our slatwall monitor solutions to allow for a variety of configurations. Our furniture supports double stacks, large screens, and both landscape and portrait-oriented monitors.


Global Security Consoles with a Lifetime Guarantee

Many console suppliers offer confusing warranties with phrases like “limited lifetime”, “OEM”, and “purchased parts” that place different qualifications on service. Manufacturers often leave the buyer responsible for shipping and labor costs. At Russ Bassett, we believe it is time for a new kind of warranty — one that is simple, honest, robust, and easy for everyone to understand.

All of our products are covered under a 10 Year Everything Warranty with no fine print. That means we offer a lifetime guarantee on all parts for all of our global security operations center consoles, appliances, materials, and accessories, including shipping and labor.

Russ Bassett products are selected to perform for a decade or more in demanding 24/7 environments. Quickly resolving any product issues is our top priority. Our goal is for every client to have an excellent experience working with us from project inception to successful installation, and through the entire product life as we provide ongoing service and support.


Consoles Made for Global Security Operations Centers Like Yours

At Russ Basset, we understand how critical it is for mission-critical workspaces like global security operations centers to use space efficiently, keep operators working at their best, and avoid technology failures. We are passionate about delivering the best solution for your team.

When you work with us, we strive to exceed your expectations by:

  • Listening to your experience so we can understand your pain points
  • Designing and building consoles with decade-plus performance in mind
  • Providing friendly, responsive, full project support from inception through completion
  • Delivering a best-in-class solution, on-time and on-budget
  • Continuing to provide support and service with a lifetime warranty for all furniture and parts you purchase from us

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