The Russ Bassett Legacy

In 1960, Mr. Russ Bassett started the company to design and manufacture high quality, specialty office furniture to solve problems not addressed by standard office furniture. Russ’ son Ed Bassett followed in his father’s footsteps. Joined by Mike Dressendorfer, they continued Russ’ vision and took the company from simple office products to more sophisticated and complex specialty media storage products.

By the mid-1970’s Russ Bassett was regarded as the premier manufacturer of microfilm cabinets in the United States.

Most of these steel cabinets can still be found in major libraries and archives across the country. Data media storage followed, with unique patented products including multi-story, space-saving racking systems holding millions of tapes.

A new fresh direction for the company started in 2005 when Peter Fink and Linn Steinbeck joined Russ Bassett and started the transition from a leading media storage company to a premier console furniture company.

Today, Russ Bassett’s products blend wood and steel to deliver ergonomic, tech-integrated, durable console furniture to 24/7 mission-critical applications across the country.

As a trusted, knowledgeable partner, Russ Bassett is focused on delivering an excellent working experience – from project conception through successful project completion, and beyond as we provide ongoing service and support.

We are proud to say all Russ Bassett products are Made in the USA at our factory in Whittier, CA.

Russ Bassett Founded
The Company launches with:
Specialty Office Furniture
Desktop Organizers
Title Insurance Lot Book Table
Custom Storage Solutions
Library Shelving
+ Microfilm Storage
Ed Bassett becomes CEO
Introduces Microfilm
Storage Cabinets Mike Dressendorfer Joins
1970 1975 1978
+ Audio Video Storage
1982 1985 1987 1988
Move into "New" 110,000 sq foot building Purchase Industrial Display Products Current Owners purchase company from the Bassett Family Launch Audio Video Storage Cabinets
+ Media Storage
Purchase Gemtec Purchase Visuflex from Wrightline Launch Data Media Storage Purchase Core Technologies
1990 1994 1995 1998
+ Consoles Division
2001 2004 2005 2006 2007
Purchase Desience Launch Desience Consoles Peter Fink joins Russ Bassett Develop and Launch Ractrac Linn Steinbeck joins Russ Bassett
+ Consoles Expansion
Launch Flex Consoles FAA Contract for Vector and Vertex Consoles Launch Technical Conference Table Launch Define + Secure Consoles
2011 2012 2015 2020

Manufactured in Whittier, CA, USA

Nurturing the Legacy

The leadership team of Linn Steinbeck, Peter Fink and Mike Dressendorfer, all owners, continue to apply Russ’ vision of high quality, specialized products to solve the challenges faced in today’s mission critical environments.

“Russ Bassett, the founder, established the core values of Quality, Innovation, and Integrity fifty-five years ago. For nearly four decades I’ve been proud to be part of the team guarding and applying these principles to everything we do.”

Mike Dressendorfer

Executive Vice President

“We listen more than we talk and do what we say we are going to do. We apply our highly skilled people and considerable resources to our customer’s unique needs and take great price in, not only meeting but exceeding our customer’s expectations.”

Peter Fink

Executive Vice President

“From initial design, engineering, and manufacturing through final installation, no details are too small to be left to chance in our commitment to provide world-class products and services. We never forget why we are in the business and who gets to vote on how we are doing.”

Linn Steinbeck


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