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Chula Vista Police Department 911 Communications Center

Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista is remodeling their center, updating technology, and creating a more functional, unified workspace for their 33-member dispatching team. After issuing an RFP and reviewing multiple responses, the Chula Vista selection team visits the top ranked manufactures.

The Challenge

The current floor plan and console positions are 15 years old. The team is seeking new consoles that better support operator health and comfort goals and provide better wire management. The floor plan needs to accommodate additional positions and requires a unique solution for power and data integration.

The Solution

The final selection of Russ Bassett console furniture is based on superior design and function, a space plan that includes floor-level power and data integration, and ease and comfort working with the vendor’s team.


6 Positions

16 Flex

  • Flex Bridge Storage
  • Personal Comfort System
  • Task Lighting
  • Situational Awareness Lights
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Up-Lit Etched Glass

Installed In

Chula Vista 911 Police Communications Center Selects Russ Bassett

Lieutenant Don Redmond managed the renovation project for Chula Vista, leading the technology and console selection team. Communications Manager Carla Even directs the 911 communications unit. Lt. Redmond shares that in addition to having well-designed, efficient consoles, “Consistency of function and creating a professional look and feel in the center” was paramount to Redmond and team. This includes making sure the new 911 dispatch consoles deliver in key areas :

  • Space plan, console design and function support user needs
  • Improved power and data integration
  • Positive vendor relationship

Unique Floor Plan Eases Dispatch Team’s Pain Points

As with many 911 centers, Chula Vista’s 911 Communications unit is in a building originally designed for another purpose. Room size and architectural features, like columns, are a challenge when space planning large, sit-stand, tech integrated console furniture. Lt. Redmonds shares,

Russ Bassett came to the forefront in design. They proposed a unique zig-zag plan that gave us the ability to

integrate power and data from the floor – no awkward, unsightly ceiling poles.

Consoles Support User Needs

Making sure every dispatcher has a fully functioning, well-appointed console is critical to meeting the project renovation goals. The Russ Bassett consoles give the Chula Vista dispatchers a suite of health and comfort features, all designed to promote dispatcher focus. Height adjustment, better wire management, heating and air, personally controlled lighting, and personal device charging are among Chula Vista’s console upgrades.

Height Adjustment Makes Posture Change Easy

“Dispatchers use sit-stand all the time” stated Dispatch Manager Even. Changing posture multiple times over the course of a shift helps dispatchers energize physically and mentally. Chula Vista’s new consoles meet the BIFMA requirement for height adjustment, providing a comfortable surface height for the 5th percentile seated female and 95th percentile standing male. Three programmable settings make it easy to quickly transition from sitting to standing throughout their shift.

Improved IT Integration and Wire Management Safer for Dispatchers

Previously, Chula Vista’s consoles had poor wire management. Accidental disconnections were common. The Russ Bassett consoles enclose all cables and cords within energy chains, chases, and troughs. “There are no exposed wires,” shares Lt. Redmond.

 This has completely eliminated the problem of dispatchers accidentally disconnecting wires and equipment.

This improves the working environment for both the dispatchers and information technology specialists.

Even adds,

 With the last (consoles), I.T. would be under the desk. Now I.T. accesses technology and equipment from the side or back of the console. Dispatchers can remain at the desk during maintenance.

Personal Comfort Promotes Focus

Providing dispatchers with the ability to adjust the temperature in their workspace helps them remain focused on their mission critical responsibilities. Two heaters are mounted below the console surface. Both heaters pivot up and down so the dispatcher can warm their lap and their feet at the same time. Two, independent and movable fans sit atop the surface delivering cool air to the dispatcher. All appliances are energy efficient and ultra-quiet.

According to Even, the desktop USB and power outlet are a welcome upgrade for dispatchers who

previously had to leave their position to charge their personal devices.

Light Control at the Operator’s Fingertips

Multiple lighting options allow dispatchers to adjust their visual environment. The options and adjustment levels help promote focus and relieve eye strain in bright and ultra-low light rooms. Blue ambient light behind the monitors reduces contrast and glare. Task lights give dispatchers freedom to focus extra lighting where they need it. Situational Awareness Lights alert incoming visitors, team members, and supervisors when a dispatcher is on a call, using the radio, or in need of assistance.

More Comfort, Increased Safety, Better Focus

Blue Earth was seeking a more efficient, quieter, user-controlled heating and cooling solution. Dispatchers appreciated having cool air, but the old console fans were too noisy to use regularly. The dispatchers also needed localized heating in the cold winter months. However, the old consoles had ineffective radiant heating panels.

The Russ Bassett integrated Comfort Control System gives Blue Earth operators localized forced air heating and cooling from energy-efficient, ultra-quiet appliances. The desktop fans and under-surface heaters power on with a single touch. Both cooling fans can be placed anywhere on the desktop and directional air flow adjustment allows dispatchers to focus cool air where they need it. Both under-surface heaters tilt up or down to focus warm air where it is most beneficial. Both the fans and heaters move with the dispatcher when they change position from sitting to standing. As an additional safety measure, the system has an occupancy sensor that turns off the appliances when no movement is detected at the console; the appliances re-engage when the operator returns.

A Solid Vendor Relationship Eases the Selection, Installation and Service Experience

Knowing that they will have their new consoles for a decade or more, Chula Vista is mindful of choosing a vendor that delivers exceptional product, has a reputation for good service, and is helpful each step of the way. The team was at ease with their Russ Bassett Sales Executive. She offered early assistance with the floor plan, listened to their needs, and provided suggestions that aligned with their goals – consistency of function and creating a professional look and feel in the center.

The working relationship proved even more valuable when, shortly after the conclusion of the initial remodel, Chula Vista received approval for two drone positions. With four weeks to complete the renovation of the drone space, Lt. Redmond reached out to Russ Bassett. Lt. Redmond was impressed by the way Russ Bassett approached the challenge. They considered the options and stepped up to meet Chula Vista’s needs for the quick-turn project. Of the consoles and experience with Russ Bassett, Even shares,

(Russ Bassett) consoles are far, far superior to what I’ve seen. Everything works the way it should, unlike at other centers who don’t have functional status lights. The product and experience were beyond expectations.

Lt. Redmond echoes the sentiment, “We haven’t been disappointed at all.”

Chula Vista Renderings

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