Last updated on December 11th, 2023 at 02:54 pm

Opening a new real-time crime center (RTCC) can be exciting, but it’s also a lot of work. There are many components that go into creating a comfortable, beautiful, and high-functioning workspace for criminal analysts and other RTCC team members.

Your RTCC design team will need to think about everything from the console furniture and layout to the paint and flooring materials. Here are a few things to consider for your design:


Real-Time Crime Center Flooring

Real Time Crime Center

Flooring is the foundation of your RTCC design. It’s important to select a durable material that will hold up in a 365/24/7 work environment.

Many public safety organizations choose engineered wood, wood grain, vinyl abstract, or even carpet for their mission-critical flooring material. If you plan to carpet your RTCC, we recommend asking your flooring and electronics vendors for anti-static recommendations.



For many people, color is the first thing you notice when you walk into a space. It can affect your mood and even suggest information about the people who use the space. For example, many public safety organizations use blue task lights or ambient lighting to reinforce agency pride.

Interior designers typically recommend limiting bright colors and patterns to accent areas, such as accessories and/or a single wall. While bright colors can lift the overall mood of your RTCC team, they can be overwhelming in large doses.

We recommend choosing neutral colors such as whites, creams, grays, and wood tones for the main walls and floors. Neutral colors are calming and can be a nice background for unique accents in your interior design.


Real-Time Crime Center Wall Colors

Your wall color(s) should fit well with your flooring. Here are a few popular wall color choices for mission-critical spaces:



Real Time Crime Center

White walls work with just about any flooring. However, not all shades of “white” are the same. Pure white and cooler shades may feel clinical and unwelcoming, especially when used near dark floors and furniture.


Cream, Beige, Light Tan, or Taupe

Real Time Crime Center

Cream, beige, light tan, taupe, and pale yellow shades can make a space feel much warmer. These neutrals pair especially well with light wood floors. However, these warm neutrals may not work well with every flooring or furniture color.



Real Time Crime Center
Real Time Crime Center

Gray walls have become a popular choice for professional spaces in recent years. Light and mid-tone grays are calm, neutral, and likely to hide wear and tear.

However, gray can sometimes feel dark and depressing. If your RTCC already has gray tones in the flooring, you may want to choose a different color for your walls.


Real-Time Crime Center Furniture

Finally, the most important aspect of your RTCC design: the furniture. Console furniture and chairs have a direct impact on analysts’ comfort and ability to work efficiently. 

We recommend looking for a manufacturer that designs custom consoles specifically for RTCCs. Most standardized furniture is not built for the immense amount of technology used in an RTCC. Your furniture should be designed for your team’s unique situation, including:

  • Sightlines for criminal analysts and other staff members
  • Analysts’ workflows
  • Technology storage space
  • The acoustics and lighting of your space
  • Video wall placement


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