Last updated on May 3rd, 2024 at 09:45 pm

When Aurora, Ill., recently remodeled their 911 dispatch center, the top priority was improving communication and response times. To reach those goals, they upgraded to better technology and new Russ Bassett dispatch console furniture. 

More Efficient Workspaces For Dispatchers

The new Aurora 911 center’s console furniture has special features that Russ Bassett designed to help dispatchers work more efficiently. Aurora dispatchers now have larger work surfaces, thoughtfully designed cable management, and plenty of ergonomic adjustment options. The workstations also offer easy access to technology storage spaces.

Each console has its own status lights, which show whether the dispatcher is using the radio or phone and other key indicators. It’s easy to see when a dispatcher is busy with time-critical tasks.

Another key feature of the remodeled dispatch center is a video wall. Dispatchers can look up to monitor feeds, ShotSpotter, the news, answering dashboards, and more. Russ Bassett helped Aurora 911 with space planning to ensure dispatchers have a clear line of sight to these feeds and communications.

“This new center not only provides us with new equipment but it also gives us better collaboration with the city and regional partners that we were not able to have before. For example, we are now more connected with our own department’s Critical Incident Intelligence Center, ‘KICK,’ which allows us for real-time intelligence during crisis situations,” Jacqueline Hobday, Aurora Director of Emergency Communications, told Fox 32 Chicago.

Aurora 911 handles over a quarter of a million calls each year for city services like police, medical services, and firefighting. With the new equipment and efficiency-boosting console furniture, dispatchers can more easily work with partners throughout the area. These changes may help save lives.

What Makes Russ Bassett Dispatch Consoles Different?

dispatch console

At Russ Bassett, we design and manufacture public safety dispatch console furniture that is durable enough for shift work environments. All of our consoles are designed for easy technology integration with good cable management, streamlined workflows, easy access to controls, and flexible monitor mounting.

Our console furniture is also built with ergonomics and comfort in mind. Russ Bassett consoles have a wide range of ergonomic adjustment options, including workstation height, monitor height, monitor and focal depth, and more. Dispatchers can adjust the temperature with moveable desktop fans and individual heaters. Our goal is to support dispatchers’ well-being, especially as they spend long hours on the job.

All of the materials we use for consoles and accessories are chosen for decade-plus performance in 24/7/365 work environments. Russ Bassett products are covered by a 10 Year Everything Warranty.

Explore Our Public Safety Dispatch Consoles

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