Last updated on December 11th, 2023 at 03:05 pm

The high stress and demanding job of a 911 operator require their workspace to be both comfortable and practical. By installing the right features in your 911 dispatcher consoles, you can help your employees remain focused throughout their intensive shifts.

Here are 7 must-have qualities in the perfect dispatch console for 911 operators:


Height Adjustments in Your Dispatch Console

To make sure your entire staff is comfortable throughout the day, it is essential to make sure their consoles are adjustable to fit every one of your employees’ physical needs.

By installing electrically run 12” height adjustments to command center console surfaces and office chairs, you can ensure that your employees will continue to work with ease and comfort. Operators can position their bodies ergonomically during long shifts behind their 911 consoles.


Flexible Monitor Mounting

Most emergency dispatchers have a multitude of monitors and screens they need to focus on in order to fulfill their duties. If these screens are not positioned properly, dispatchers may feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

In most 911 dispatch circumstances, using a Slatwall array or flexible monitor mountings allows users to arrange their monitors in unusual configurations. Dispatchers can stack monitors, turn them into portrait position, or opt for larger screens when necessary.


Dispatch Console Storage Space

Staying organized is of utmost importance in high-stress emergency situations. Outside of computers, keyboards, and monitors on 911 consoles, many dispatchers will need additional storage space for their equipment.

By installing tech pods or technology cabinets, employees can store their equipment efficiently and in spaces that make it easy for them to locate items when needed.


Cable Management

911 dispatchers often have a multitude of cords, wires, and cables that need to be easily accessible. Without proper organization, these can become tangled and disordered, causing stress and anxiety during work hours and potentially affecting job performance.

By installing cable management features, you can make sure your employees’ consoles are free and clear of clutter and remain orderly throughout long workdays.


Dispatch Console Lighting Adjustment

Long hours behind computer monitors can negatively affect your 911 dispatchers if they remain uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Dimmers and ambient lights can provide your employees with the perfect atmosphere in their console to reduce eye strain and increase attention at any time of day.


Status Indicator/Supervisor Alert Options

Equipping your 911 operator consoles with status indicator lights and supervisor alert features allows your employees to communicate more effectively.

These lights allow employees to convey important information by using alerts they can set with a single gesture. That’s a lot better than having to communicate across the room through speech.


Dispatch Console All-Inclusive Warranty

All of Russ Bassett’s control consoles come with a 10-year warranty on all parts and materials. This warranty covers shipping and labor for any repairs you may need after purchasing.

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