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When you’re running a mission-critical security operations center, you can’t settle for just any furniture. Your security consoles need to support long shifts, heavy-duty technology and have a long life under warranty.

With so many options, it can be hard to choose the best consoles for your team. You may be wondering which features you really need, or which brands will last the test of time.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right security consoles for your team.

Select Security Consoles that Allow Ergonomic Adjustments

Nothing is more important than the health and longevity of your team members. Ergonomic adjustment options allow operators to maintain healthy posture as they work. Over time, proper ergonomics promote sustained focus, improved engagement, and lower risk of injury and L&I claims, especially during long shifts.

Some security console manufacturers have a greater focus on ergonomics than others. If health is important to your SecOps team, you will want security console furniture that allows multi-point adjustment options for all operators.

Here are a few adjustability features to look for:Command and Control Console Ergonomics

  • Monitor height adjustment (at least 12 inches)
  • Focal depth adjustment (at least 8 inches)
  • Monitors that move together to preserve tilt and peripheral angles
  • Sit-to-stand flexibility
  • Dimmers for task lights and ambient lights to reduce eye strain

Every employee should be able to sit with wrists straight, hands at or below elbow level, and monitors at arm’s length away. The chair height should be adjusted so that knees are roughly level with hips, with feet on the floor or on a footrest.

Choose Consoles with Technology Management Features

Security consoles should be more than just tables to set monitors on. Your security control room furniture should also help keep technology organized, protected, and at the ideal temperature.

Look for these features to help manage your technology:

  • Monitor arrays that can adapt to multiple monitor configurations
    While you may only need one configuration option now, your needs may change in the future when there are technology updates or new security needs. You can save money and downtime by ensuring your monitor arrays will support larger screens, double stacks, and portrait monitor configurations.


  • A technology wall surrounding the console
    As a SecOps center, you will need to be able to connect a wide variety of technology at each station. A technology wall will help you manage cables, power, and other equipment. Ideally, data and power termination are secured within the wall.
  • Substantial, secure storage space
    Any SecOps center will need plenty of secure storage space for power, equipment, and cabling. If your security console furniture does not come with this, look for additional storage furniture to supplement.
  • Modular tech cabinets that keep equipment cool
    Modular furniture is easier to move around or add on to as needed. By choosing modular tech cabinets, you can ensure that your furniture will adapt as your needs change in the coming years.

Pull Out Technology Shelf

  • Pull out technology shelves
    Pull out shelves help IT and other technology staff easily access rear-facing cable connections. Don’t underestimate how much your staff will appreciate this feature!
  • Power and data for charging personal devices.
    While this feature is not as vital to the functioning of your security operations, your operators will want to keep personal devices charged during their shifts.

Look for Consoles with a Lifetime Warranty

Security console furniture should be designed for 24/7 shared work spaces that rely on heavy power. SecOps centers need strong, durable furniture that will last for at least a decade and provide lasting no-fail technology integration.

Purchase your security consoles from a supplier who is willing to provide a lifetime warranty on all materials, accessories, and appliances. This safety measure should ensure you are getting the quality and durability you need.

Purchasing Your Security Operations Center Furniture

Choosing the right supplier has a major impact on your purchasing experience and usability success. Ideally, your supplier will support you throughout the process of choosing, purchasing, and installing your SecOps center furniture.

From the beginning of your relationship, the supplier should be asking questions to understand your specific security console furniture requirements. They may ask about space requirements, technology needs, pain points with existing furniture, and more.

Then, the supplier will collaborate with your team and any project stakeholders to deliver the best solution that fits your budget and time frame. They may recommend a specific product line, suggest supplemental furniture, or present several options that would meet your needs. Keep in mind that the supplier should always be supporting your goals.

The right supplier will ensure that your team is seated behind security operations consoles that everyone appreciates.

Ask for customer endorsements and testimonials or other forms of feedback.

Choosing the Best Security Consoles for Your Team

The best security consoles are durable, allow for good ergonomics, and help ensure that technology functions as it should. It’s a good idea to compare a few different suppliers and products before committing to a console line.utility operations consoles

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