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ATC Control Room Design

Designed to optimize Air Traffic Control (ATC) spaces, Russ Bassett consoles support ATC Tower, TRACON and ARTCC team requirements and workflow.

Air Traffic Control Console Ergonomics

Look to our air traffic control consoles for distinctive technology and equipment integration solutions including slatwall design which provides flexibility of mounted housing, arms, equipment and comprehensive cable management.

All air traffic control console designs, materials, and accessories are selected for the demanding 24/7 environment.

Russ Bassett’s Command Center Furniture Guarantee

All security operation center console materials, accessories, and appliances are selected for decade-plus performance in a demanding, 24/7 environment. All Russ Bassett products are covered by our 10 Year Everything Warranty.

Russ Bassett consoles are proudly Made in the USA.

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Some of our Customers


I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the professional manner your team displayed during the design, quality control, and installation of the slatwall consoles at the San Diego Lindbergh Tower. The full scale mock-up concept your company used at the Whittier facility during the design process proved effective, and ultimatley delivered a superior product. …thank you for an excellent concept to installation experience.

From the moment we started working with Russ Bassett, they were very upfront and open. We were given a tour of their manufacturing facility, to the design center and the research and development lab. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly…  extremely knowledgeable about the things that can make an air traffic controller’s life just a little easier. I would highly recommend Russ Bassett Corporation.

  I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job your company did on the Edwards Tracon slat wall installation. Your technicians worked well with our engineering group, my technicians, and the other contractors… You produced a quality product for us, ensured we had exactly what we needed and produced a product that conformed to our high standards… It was a professional, respectful and quality experience from start to finish…

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