Decrease emergency response times by providing 24/7 operations teams with power utility control room furniture that promotes operator attentiveness and protects critical technology and equipment.

Russ Bassett consoles position the operator comfortably in front of their multi-monitor display. Surface height-adjustment and adjustable monitor height and focal depth allows operators to find their most healthful viewing position when sitting or standing. 

No-fail technology integration includes multiple access points, ample equipment storage, and well-thought cable management.

All power and utility control room furniture components, materials, accessories and appliances are selected for decade plus performance in a shift work environment and all parts manufactured by Russ Bassett are covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

  • Power Generation
  • Electrical Transmission
  • Water and Wastewater Mangement

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I was drawn to Russ Bassett because of its reputation for the durability and functionality of its product and superb cable management. …The end result is a clean, comfortable and beautiful center that we are proud to work in.

Since we are an electric utility that requires 24 hour 365 day operation, it is very important for us to have a solution that would address our System Operator needs. … you were able to design and deliver a finished product that was not only built to specification, but exceeded our expectations.

[Our] operators also played a key role in helping design the new nerve center of the electric grid, helping to design the workstations and technology that they will be utilizing to control the grid every day.

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