Government and Military
Command and Control Consoles

Russ Bassett’s well-appointed command and control console furniture contributes to a safe and healthy work space for operators and protects critical technology and equipment.

User Interface

An expansive work surface with consolidated controls promotes organization and readiness. Optional surface height adjustment and adjustable monitor height and focal depth allows operators to attain their most healthful viewing position when sitting or standing.

Secure Technology Integration

Command center equipment installation is made easy with multiple access points and a well-thought cable management system. Monitor arrays accommodate large and curved screens.

Russ Bassett’s Command and Control Console Guarantee

Proudly manufactured in Whittier, CA, USA, all command center console furniture materials, accessories and appliances are selected for decade plus performance in a shift work environment. All Russ Bassett products are covered by our 10 Year Everything Warranty.

  • Military
  • Cyber Security
  • Federal and Regional Operations
  • General Services Adminsitration
  • Air Operations Centers (AOC, CAOC)
  • Air Traffic Control (Tower, RAPCON)
  • Base Defense Operations Centers (BDOC)
  • Base Operations Centers
  • Command Posts
  • Cyber Operations Centers
  • Emergency Communications and Operations (ECC, EOC)
  • Joint Operations Centers (JOC)

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Some of Our Government Customers


Throughout the entire process communication was clear and prompt. Russ Bassett listened closely to [project]  requirements, wishes and needs. The craftsmanship of the Russ Bassett Ergonomic Consoles reigns supreme in design, efficiency and quality and we are extrememly pleased with the product and our experience.

…the project was to create a functional operations center in a limited space… [Russ Bassett’s] charge was to develop a multifunction workspace without dominating the existing environment, a unified design that could support multiple independent stations accessing many displays and servers. The modules in the product allow us easy access to both hardware and cabling. Your product and design have resulted in a show piece of aesthetic funcitonality…

As sometimes happens in very large projects, there were unforseen complications. Russ Bassett was very patient and worked with us through these obstacles. I believe that our ability to stay within budget was a direct result of the time they (Russ Bassett) spent detailing each part of the project. I believe we selected the best vendor for our needs and if I were to do the project again, I would select them again.

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