Lighting & Agency Recognition

Supplemental lighting and badging promotes team unity and agency pride.


Edge Lit Glazing

Up-lit etched glazing on privacy glass provides agency recognition for visitors and reinforces your agency’s mission. Declare team pride with your agency’s name, motto or emblem on blue-lit glazed glass.

  • Edge Lit Glazing Glass Panel Kit:
    Glass Partition
    Art Work Set-Up
    Blue LED Light Strip
    Power Supply

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting relieves eye strain and increases monitor image clarity for operators who spend extended hours in monitor intensive environments. Above the surface, ambient lighting softens glare in both bright and dimly lit rooms. Below the surface, ambient lighting provides both glare reduction and work light in the foot well, guarding against trip hazards and entanglement.

  • Energy Efficent Blue LEDs
  • Plug-and-Play 12 Volt Power Supply
  • The light is positioned to shield the operator’s eyes from glare.

Custom Panels

Custom panels add full-color badging for teams seeking additional way-finding and agency recognition.

  • Full Color
  • Inset Panels
  • Customize with your agency logo or badge.

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