Operator Health & Productivity

Environment controls, lighting and slatwall tools keep operators comfortable, organized and tuned in.


Personal Comfort System

Localized heating and cooling at the workstation allows operators to achieve personalized comfort throughout their shift, helping reduce tension, increase energy, and boost focus.

  • Two (2) ultra-quiet, movable desktop fans can be positioned anywhere on the surface.
  • Two (2) directionally adjustable heaters are mounted below the surface and can each be tilted to focus warmth where it’s needed.
  •  An occupancy sensor turns appliances off after 15 minutes when no movement is detected.
  • Heating and cooling controls are centrally located within the desktop dashboard.

Task Lighting

Available at the surface level or as a slatwall mounted accessory, task lighting delivers a focused glow to the primary work zone.

  • Energy effcient LEDs providing 12,000+ operating hours.
  • Dashboard mounted gooseneck task lights flex 180 degrees.
  • Multiple light settings help operators attain optimal viewing comfort.

Situational Awareness Lights

The stacked LED light tower allows multiple situations to be displayed simultaneously, signaling when an operator is available, on a call, in need of critical assistance and more.

  • Multiple colors can light at the same time.
  • Multiple pole lengths and mounting options ensure each console position status is visible from across the room, even when there are multiple platforms, columns or other obstrucitons in the room.
  • Situational indicator lights are fully modular and pre-wired for up to five colors (red, amber, green, blue, clear) making color changes and expansions easy.

Promote Healthy Habits with Slatwall Work Tools

Choose from an array of slatwall mounted tools designed to help your team isolate and curb the spread of germs.

  • Health and comfort tools include the Sanitation Station, Disinfectant Wipes Holder, Paper Towel Holder, and the Keyboard Taco.
  • The slatwall tools mount within reach of the working operator on the slatwall return.
  • Work tools are constructed from powder coated steel.

Boost Organization with Slatwall Work Tools

Mounting work tools on your slatwall return makes use of valuable vertical real-estate and keeps the worksurface free of clutter.

  • Organization tools include the Phone Tray, Equipment Shelf, Speaker Shelf, and Binder Tray.
  • All tools are designed for secure attachment and lasting performance.

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