Designed for 24/7 shift work, Russ Bassett consoles integrate amenities that support the user’s health, comfort and focus. Facility and technology teams benefit from comprehensive equipment integration and wire management solutions.



Mission Critical Consoles

Flex consoles are purpose-built to meet the needs of mission critical teams. Smart design delivers ultra-durable construction with an intuitive user interface, sleek technology integration, and workspace enhancements.

  • Features Promote User Health & Attentiveness
  • Centralized User Controls
  • Multi-Monitor Slatwall Array with Shroud
  • Modular Steel Framework & Equipment Cabinets
  • Custom Solutions


Mission Critical Consoles

We’ve incorporated wood alongside steel to deliver an ultra-durable console with a lighter, brighter aesthetic and improved space efficiency.

  • Four surface shapes are available in multiple sizes, giving you the freedom to choose the style (or styles) that best fit your team.
  • Centralized User Controls
  • Multi-Monitor Slatwall Array with Shroud
  • Tackable Fabric Panels
  • Dual-access storage makes good use of space between console positions.

Vertex & Vector ATC Consoles

Specialized Consoles for Air Traffic Control Environments

Vertex and Vector consoles provide controller benefits and technology integration to support the unique needs of Tower, TRACON and ARTCC teams.

  • Flexible Design Accommodates Controller’s Needs
  • Lighted, Lay-in Cable Raceways for Easy Tech Ops Access
  • Rugged, Modular Design
  • Quality Steel Construction
  • Made in the USA

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