Define Control Room Consoles for Mission Critical Spaces

Developed in answer to emerging needs of Mission Critical teams, the Define command and control console elevates the workplace with a brighter aesthetic and all the function and durability you’ve come to expect from Russ Bassett. 

90 Degree Corner Control Console Desk

Corner Wrap Command Center Desk

Linear Control Center Desk

Linear Wrap Control Room Console

Four surface shapes, multiple sizes and non-handed storage gives you the freedom to configure your control consoles in just about any way you can imagine.


Lighter & Brighter

Leveraging more than 60 years of manufacturing know-how, we have combined wood and metal to create a control console that is sophisticated and functional.

Enhance your agency’s workspace with enduring wood tones, and calming neutral fabrics and accents. Choose from one of 10 designer recommended finish schemes or create a palette of your own.


Smart Use of Space

Define preserves the expansive primary workspace and unencumbered knee space that mission critical users have come to appreciate. 

  • The Base Frame holds technology and equipment. We have conserved space by nesting it along the back of the console and just under the surface.  
  • The tackable, acoustic divider that surrounds the console is slim and unobtrusive.  
  • Dual-sided storage components conserve space between positions and Slatwall segments maximize vertical space.  

Ergonomics for Multi-Monitor Environments

The unique conditions of multi-monitor environments require comprehensive adjustment options. A single, height-adjustable console surface combined with a height-adjustable monitor array means all users can attain and maintain healthy posture.

  • The curved Slatwall Array holds large screens, double stacks and portrait monitor configurations.
  • 12” electric height adjustment 
  • 8” manual focal depth adjustment 
  • All monitors move together, preserving tilt and peripheral angles.

User Controls

Conveniently located below the monitor array and within easy reach of the operator, your dashboard includes surface and monitor height adjustment.

  • 26” electric sit-stand height adjustment
  • Climate controls
  • Dimmers for task and ambient lights
  • Convenience power and data for charging personal devices
  • Quick-connect USB ports

Technology & Equipment Storage

All Define command and control consoles – Corner, Linear and Wrap – share a suite of technology integration features that make installation, upgrades and regular maintenance easy.

  • BASE FRAME: The compact solution provides space for power and data connections, technology, communications equipment, and associated cabling.
  • TECHNOLOGY CABINETS: Technology Storage comes equipped with an ultra-quiet fan and vented panels to keep equipment cool.
  • TECH PODS: Store additional large format equipment under the surface, away from the user’s leg space.
  • SLATWALL ARRAY: Accommodate a variety of monitor sizes and configurations including large format and curved screens. Easy-mount brackets make maintenance and upgrades a breeze. The Rear Shroud houses monitor power and cabling.
  • ACCESS: Front and rear panels provide dual access to equipment.

Cable Management

  • BASE FRAME: Located along the backside of the console and nested slightly under the surface, the compact solution provides space for power and data connections and associated cabling.
  • TECHNOLOGY CABINET PASS THROUGH: Technology cabinets are designed with rear pass through for connecting within the Base Frame and routing to surface level controls.
  • CABLE CHASES: Cable Chases, Troughs and Energy Chains route cables throughout the console and keep power and data cords separated and protected from entanglement.

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