Elite Technical Control Stations

Our economically priced control stations are ideal for security applications, private offices, engineering, IT support, and administrative functions.

With options for any control room size and application, Elite is perfect for most positions beyond the operations consoles. Built for 24/7/365 use, Elite has a clean, modern aesthetic with finishes that coordinate with your other control room furniture.


Designed for Security Applications

Elite integrates and stores the technology you need for a wide range of security roles. Our steel frame construction is finished with laminate panels and includes plenty of room for equipment.

You can choose between three worksurface styles: rectangular, scalloped, or bow front for visitor knee space. Multiple widths are available. The unique modesty panel design keeps technology and cables out of sight without sacrificing knee space.


Supports Varied Monitor Configurations

Elite supports many monitor configurations and desktop accessories. Our design includes a flush-mounted, multi-functional desktop dashboard that supports device charging, keystones, cable storage, and more.

The concealed monitor pole mounts inside the desktop dashboard, giving you a clean aesthetic. Cables stay out of sight with thoughtful under-surface cable storage.


Ergonomic Features

Elite comes in either a fixed-height or adjustable sit-stand model. The fixed-height model is set at a 28” height, and the sit-stand model can be adjusted from 28” to 48”.

The HPL worksurface comes with a Durable Edge for comfort. Computers and cables stay clear of your knee and foot space. If you want to keep visitors comfortable, you can choose the Bow Front option for extra knee space on the other side of the desk.


Technology Integration

Elite comes with a wire grommet and end panels for unit-to-unit cable passage. Cables stay out of sight, and our energy chain ensures they can move smoothly during height adjustments in sit-stand units.

We include plenty of technology storage space under the surface computer area. Accessories like device charging, keystones, personal comfort systems, and lighting are integrated into the unit.


Equipment Storage

With Elite, you get enclosed storage for cables and computer equipment under the surface. There is an 8” deep, 18 ⅜” high raised interior technology shelf across the full width of the unit, perforated for airflow.

Our storage solutions help you keep equipment out of sight but still accessible. Best of all, you’ll still have plenty of knee and foot space.


Conference and Technology Tables

Our conference tables are designed with technology in mind. You can keep cables and equipment concealed close at hand. Cords, cables, and small PCs can tuck inside the table’s technology cabinets.

The top-side raceways are ready for your team to plug and play. Leg compartments give you additional housing for power integration.

Elite Technical Control Workstations

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