Flex Control Room Consoles for Mission Critical Spaces

The choice is yours when it comes to selecting command and control corner consoles, linear, or a blend of both. Both styles consume a similar footprint and provide benefits to the users and the facility.


Full Sit-to-Stand Console Adjustment

Flex control room console furniture promotes wellness in mission critical environments by enabling operators to effortlessly change their working positions to fit their personal and task related needs.

  • 26” electric sit-stand height adjustment
  • Heavy-duty lifting legs
  • Endure edge delivers ultimate comfort and durability

Console Controls at the Operator’s Fingertips

Conveniently located below the monitor array, and within easy reach of the operator, your dashboard includes surface and monitor height adjustment. You may add up to five additional cartridges to your dashboard.

  • Climate controls
  • Quick-connect USB ports
  • Dimmers for task and ambient lights
  • Status indicator light supervisor alert
  • Convenience power and data for charging personal devices

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Healthful Monitor Viewing

Multi-monitor environments create unique conditions that require comprehensive adjustment options. A single, height-adjustable console surface combined with a height-adjustable monitor array ensures all operators are comfortable and have plenty of open workspace.

  • 12” electric height adjustment 
  • 8” manual focal depth adjustment 
  • All monitors move together with single-touch control.

Technology and Equipment Integration

Flex command and control consoles make it easy to efficiently mount and connect power, data and equipment. A variety of kits and hardware reduce installation pain-points and protect cables and connections for the long haul. Outboard placement of critical equipment eases access for troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • The steel technology wall surrounds the console and delivers 7” deep, secure storage space for power, equipment, and cabling.
  • Modular technology cabinets have a pull-out shelf allowing IT techs to easily access rear-facing cable connections.
  • Perforated steel provides passive cooling.

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