Vector Radar Consoles

Modular slatwall consoles for TRACON, RAPCON and ARTCC air traffic control and
radar facilities. Proudly manufactured in the USA.


Wall of Slatwall

The slatwall provides a continuous, universal attachment method that allows technology to be placed wherever it is needed. By making the attachment easy, it is possible to deploy new technology as programs are introduced or refreshed, without the need for disruptive sawing and drilling.

  • Address varied ergonomic user needs.
  • Easily reposition equipment as operation requirements change.
  • Accommodate change without invasive modification.
  • System facilitates quicker, more cost-efficient upgrades.

Custom Mounts

Air traffic control facilities contain a lot of specialized equipment. Not everything utilizes standard displays. From STARS, ASDE, Voice Switches, Weather, NIDS or any of the other unique programs, Russ Bassett has, or can develop, a custom housing and mount to meet these unique needs. 

  • Safety is paramount. We help position equipment to meet controller needs.
  • We ensure you have all required motion, and we eliminate what you do not need.
  • Fully integrated cable management keeps operators safe and cables protected.
  • Easy access to equipment facilitates dynamic maintenance.

Cable Pass-Through

Russ Bassett’s unique design provides three full- width brush grommet pass-through areas. This minimizes cable length requirements and provides an intuitive cable path from the front to the back of the console. Total light block is achieved with full-width brush grommets on the front and the back. Additionally, rear cable exit zones are offset 6″ lower than the front cable entrance point.

  • Double wall construction reduces noise.
  • Full-width brush grommets make it easy to route cables. 
  • Total light block is accomplished from rear to front.

Roll-Up Door

Silver roll up tambour doors are a signature design element of Vector and provide a secure, flat wall when doors are in the down position.

  • Silver doors have a modern, sleek appearance.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Dimmers for task and ambient lights
  • Open doors reveal a light and bright interior.

Rear-Side Equipment Access

When doors are rolled up, lights come on like a refrigerator. The inside is painted silver and provides a bright, open work area with all equipment within reach. Cables are easy to follow. The full slat wall provides the same mounting advantages and flexibility as the front side.

  • No doors to swing into and block the service aisle.
  • Eleven full width, 6″ high slatwall extrusions cover the rear side.
  • Three full width rear brush grommets block light.
  • Four Unistrut channels provide easy attachment points.

Filtered Cooling Blowers

Two high-efficiency blowers deliver filtered air into the bottom of the cabinet and blow warmer air to the top. Fans at the top evacuate warm air from the nearest source. The controlled air circulation maintains optimal equipment temperatures.

  • Low noise blower design does not distract the operator.
  • Air is filtered before entering the console, reducing equipment exposure to dust.
  • The high capacity blowers run continuously.

Welded Steel Framework

Air Traffic Control radar positions require heavy technology and equipment support. The robust, all-welded steel construction ensures dependability for 30 to 40 years of intended life.

  • Welded vertical ribs support slatwall on both sides.
  • The heavy gauge steel construction is finished with a rugged powder coat finish.
  • The steel tube base stabilizes the foundation.
  • Reinforced anchor points are integrated into the base design.

Patented Design

The United Stated Patent office agreed that the Russ Bassett design is a unique invention with specific advantages over prior art. We were proud to be granted patent number US 9,161,622 B1 dated October 20, 2015 for the unique, rugged design of the Vector TRACON consoles.

  • Modular design offers unique advantages.
  • The ribbed slatwall is reinforced every 12,” eliminating deflection.
  • Roll-up tambour door provides unobtrusive access to equipment.
  • Decks are supported by the slatwall.

Seismic Tested

Since Russ Bassett is located in Southern California, we are no strangers to earthquakes. One of the largest 3 axis shaker tables is located at UC Berkeley, up the coast from our factory. This is where we took two of our units to be seismically tested. One test simulated surface anchoring and the other simulated a raised floor installation.

  • Vector passed all tests.
  • Vector consoles tested to 2.0 G’s – approaching equal to an 8.0 earthquake.
  • Mounts were also tested and passed.
  • All mounted technology and equipment remained fully functional after the tests.

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