Vertex Tower Consoles

Modular slatwall consoles for air traffic control towers. Proudly manufactured in the USA.


Safety by Design

This unique design was developed in consultation with the FAA to address both Controller requirements and technical access and integration needs. The result is a low profile, slatwall based console system designed specifically for the demanding requirements of an Air Traffic Control Tower.

  • Address varied ergonomic user needs.
  • There’s a place for everything so everything remains in its place.
  • Rugged, dependable construction.
  • Convenient access to equipment keeps things running.

Island Worksurface

Worksurfaces are the first line of interface between the controller and the console. It’s important that this is functional and comfortable, providing proper ergonomics and durability. 

  • Worksurfaces are available as island style or continuous.
  • Recessed acrylic protects quick-reference material
  • Height and depth can be adjusted during installation.
  • Island tops can be specified with electric height adjustment.  
  • Molded urethane edge is comfortable and durable. 

Slatwall Flexibility

The rugged, double-wall slatwall provides universal attachment points for all the monitors and equipment. This allows easy integration of today’s equipment and accommodates simple transition as systems evolve.

  • Lift off hoods provide full access to the cavity below.
  • Full-width brush grommet at the rear of the hood provides a direct path for cables from the display equipment above the worksurface to the cable trough below.

"L" Shaped Frame

The L shaped frame supports the hood at the bottom front and the top rear. Once the hoods are lifted off, the entire lower section of the console is exposed and fully accessible.

  • Cables lay directly into the cable trays, no threading through end frames.
  • Compartments for CPUs have equipment shelves in the front.
  • Two full-width cable trays provide separation between power and data lines.
  • Two adjustable Unistrut channels provide the perfect mounting location for outlets and ground bar.

Custom Housings

Custom housings have been developed for all the standard FAA equipment, allowing equipment to be mounted on an arm then attached to the slatwall and positioned exactly where it is needed. If we don’t have what you need, we will make it.

Options include:

  • Pull-Out Keyboard Trays – Sized for ATC Specific Keyboards
  • Under-Mount, Lighted Jack Boxes
  • Flight Strip Trays
  • Toe Kick Lighing

Airport Lighting

With the universal flexibility of the Vertex Slatwall, all specialty airport lighting controls can be clustered together in a space saving arrangement. By leaving the worksurface off in this location, mounts take full advantage of the vertical space, opening up valuable horizontal space at the controller positions.


Specialty Mounts

To facilitate the marriage between equipment and Slatwall, we have designed application-specific mounts and arms. The workhorse in the tower is our 105 mount. This heavy duty arm attaches to the slatwall and reaches up underneath the housings or displays to perfectly position equipment where it is needed and ensure rock solid, no wobble support.

  • Proprietary design has a built in compression spring inside the support shaft. By rotating the adjusting screw on the bottom, the load can be dialed out to provide a neutral, no load pivot.
  • Load is safely balanced out and motion can be adjusted from firm to lock, which is important for touch screen applications.

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