Vertex & Vector Consoles

Specialized Consoles for Demanding Air Traffic Control Environments


Slatwall Consoles Designed Specifically for ATC Tower Applications

Vertex Slatwall Consoles combined with custom housings allow equipment and displays to be easily repositioned. This accommodates easy relocations or adjustments of equipment due to a change in operational needs or Nextgen technology deployment and integration.

  • Worksurfaces may be continuous or individual and may be installed at varying heights.
  • Unique design incorporates Lift Off Hoods for easy access to the entire cavity below.
  • “L- shaped” frame allows cables to be simply laid in, versus threaded through side frame openings.
  • Designated cable trays keep power and control cables separted.
  • Unistrut mounting accommodates power and grounding options.
  • The compact console footprint saves valuable floor space.


Slatwall Consoles Designed Specifically for Radar Positions in TRACON, RAPCON and ARTCC Applications

Vector Slatwall Consoles allow equipment to be mounted and positioned off module from the actual frames providing flexibility and ease of attachment and relocation as equipment and operational requirements change over time.

  • Multiple, full width brushed grommets allow cables to be easily passed from the front while ensuring total light block from the controller position.
  • The patented, Heavy Duty welded frames have been seismically tested and certified to 2.0 G.
  • Unique rear, roll-up tambour door keep technology completely concealed from front-side view and opens-up access for tech-ops without the need for doors to swing into the aisle.
  • The tambour door rolls up and lights come on like the inside of a refrigerator, ensuring a clean and well-lit equipment area.
  • The rear side of the frame is outfitted with a full slatwall and provides the same universal mounting advantages of the slatwall on the front side.

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