Vertex & Vector Consoles

Specialized Consoles for Demanding Air Traffic Control Environments


Consoles Designed Specifically for Tower Installations

Vertex and Vector console workstations provide cable channels and troughs to fully contain cords and cables, preventing accidental entanglement. The slatwall provides secure mounting for monitors and keeps ancillary equipment off the worksurface. Undersurface and rear-side placement of critical equipment eases access for troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • Equipment cabinets provide passive cooling.
  • Easy to remove cabinet panels speed access for critical maintenance.
  • Slatwalls with universal equipment mounts available for TRACON and ARTCC environments.


Consoles Designed for Radar Positions in TRACON and EnRoute Facilities

Russ Bassett’s ATC console furniture is designed with secure and rapid response in mind. Worksurface remains clean and clear with cables routed away from the operator. Monitors are positioned for optimal viewing and equipment is mounted within easy reach.

  • Open knee and footwell below the worksurface allows unencumbered movement.
  • Endure edge delivers ultimate operator comfort and lasting durability.

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