Vista Control Consoles

Vista consoles are specifically designed for mission-critical operations while supporting human/machine interaction in these unique environments. Vista consoles keep operators comfortable, alert and focused on what is most important. Operator assets need to be ergonomically supported to minimize fatigue and allow critical technology to be easily accessed and properly accommodated. Vista is developed specifically for complexed control room solutions.

Vista DX Console

High level aesthetics with robust features supporting operator comfort and technology.

Unique solutions for technology integration, cable management and layout.

Vista SS Biofuels

Durability of welded steel frames and double sided slatwall to support desktop monitors.

Built for 24/7/365 control room usage, Vista comes with multiple mounting options, cable management, built-in technology storage, aisle lighting, and customization options. These highly functional consoles support operators’ needs and make future modifications easy.


Flexibility For Today and Tomorrow

Vistas modular frames allow for flexibility of sizes and layout options with a family of layered features for varied budgets.

  • Vista DX, a deluxe console with rich user-optimized features
  • Vista SS, a sit/stand console with all the essentials
  • Vista FH, a fixed height console with a highly functional curved Slatwall
  • Vista LM, which supports low-mounted monitors on fixed-height consoles

Aesthetics Offer Functionality and Style

Vistas curved slatwall takes functionality and aesthetics to a new level. Completely concealed cables and technology keeping the work area clear and focused. Operator personalization available with accessories such as desktop convenience outlets, task lights and controls that put accessories at operators fingertips.

The base offers soft curves and smooth edges. With ambient aisle lighting and interior lit cabinets for easy technology servicing.


Ergonomically Engineered

Multi-monitor environments require thoughtful, adjustable ergonomics. With Vista, you get full height adjustment, monitor adjustment, visual acuity to sight lines, and knee space.

Vista DX and SS adjust from 28”48.7” in sit-stand height adjustability. 


Technology Integration

Vista is designed to hold and manage technology the way you need it. We include lighted cabinet storage, desktop cable management, and an accessible and concealed upper cable raceway.

You can set up your monitors in a wide range of configurations. Our curved Slatwall supports multi-tier and large monitors. We also include upper cable management to keep the workspace clear, elegant, and unencumbered.


Deluxe Features and User Controls

Vista DX offers the best possible user experience. We offer multiple accessories for your comfort and personalization. Features include:

  • Multi-purpose desktop monuments for device charging and personal accessories
  • Multiple accessory options, including lighting, environmental controls, and extra storage
  • HPL surfaces with a durable, molded urethane comfort edge

Cable Management

Cable Management at every level of the console for hidden, secure and easy access and maintenance. Allowing for continuous cable runs between consoles. Specialized desktop management to run from the top to base of the console securely connecting your technology. Unique multifunctional monument offering desktop personalization for USB/power/lighting at your fingertips.

Vista Consoles

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