Flex Storage

Optimize console workstation footprints, utilize open spaces, and make good use of perimeters with a variety of storage options for personal belongings, work tools, filing, supplies storage, binder and manuals storage.

When you have the space, consider secure personal storage at each position. For smaller rooms, mobile units and consolidated storage units are space-efficient alternatives. 

  • Dock mobile peds at each station or in a ped garage that doubles as an extra administrative work area.
  • Lockers keep personal belongings secure and clear of the work area.

Perforated steel technology cabinets passively cool equipment, keeping PCs operating at optimal temperatures.

  • Tech cabinets are available with an optional pull-out technology shelf.
  • Ample room at the back of the cabinet keeps cables organized and mitigates damage from pinching and entanglement.

For teams planned in pods and bullpens, freestanding storage units in open areas and along the room’s perimeter add touch-down spots for quick debriefing and administrative work.

  • Available with a variety of doors, drawers, closed cabinets and open shelves.
  • All drawers and cabinets are available with locks for secure storage.
  • Combine multiple storage units with a single surface to create an expansive multi-purpose admin zone.

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