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As technology advances, so does the potential for responsive emergency services and law enforcement. Real time crime centers have become popular throughout the U.S. as government agencies seek to stop emerging crime and help people when they need it.


What Is a Real Time Crime Center?

A real time crime center (RTCC) is a central space where law enforcement or emergency service teams can access information quickly. RTCCs help identify patterns, coordinate field officers and detectives, increase investigation success, and stop emerging crime.

With an RTCC, emergency and law enforcement personnel can respond to events much faster, sometimes while they are still in progress. Operators can access billions of records within minutes rather than days or weeks.


The Mission of an RTCC

RTCCs are aimed at identifying and stopping emerging crime. They have become popular not only in major metropolitan areas, but also in many town and county police departments that could benefit from more and faster intelligence.

An RTCC can help your team:

  • Be aware of real-time situations. RTCCs have a continuous flow of information coming in from multiple sources. They allow operators to quickly find, analyze, share, and act on information. In police work, even a few seconds can make a difference. The RTCC will give your officers those extra seconds by giving your team critical information as it unfolds.
  • Monitor critical assets and infrastructure. An RTCC allows for constant monitoring and relevant alerts, making it easy to check that your assets, buildings, data, and people are secure. It will also help you act faster in the event of an emergency since you will have more information and capabilities on hand.
  • Work more effectively. The real-time data from your RTCC will help your team be more proactive and effective rather than purely reactive. A little extra warning and time can make a large difference at times.
  • Increase productivity. A good RTCC is designed to be simple and easy to use so operators can quickly access their capabilities. To ease the user experience, the best real time crime centers combine thoughtful spatial planning and the best technology for a thoughtful operations hub.
  • Foster collaboration. Analysts, investigators, and team members from across departments and agencies can more easily collaborate from a centralized RTCC.

The overall effect of an RTCC is increased response time, which is one of the most important metrics you are likely measuring. In law enforcement and emergency settings, teams need to be able to react as quickly as possible. Saving even a few extra seconds (and often much more!) could potentially make an enormous difference in someone’s life.

Implementing a real time crime center does not look the same for every agency or organization. The types of crimes you are monitoring, the interests of your citizens and government, and many other factors can affect the way you set up your ideal RTCC.


How Russ Bassett Can Help You Set Up a Real Time Crime Center (RTCC)

Real Time Crime Center

As emergency and law enforcement teams transition to real time crime centers, Russ Bassett is here to help. We have a variety of console options, technical tables, lockers, storage options, and more to help you create the best possible RTCC.

The layout of your RTCC is crucial to its function. Many RTCCs organize their layouts around large video walls which are used to display real-time data from multiple relevant sources to everyone in the room. Russ Bassett can help you with designing your new RTCC and coming up with the best console and furniture options for your needs.

Russ Bassett is known for providing outstanding customer service and high-quality consoles at a fair price. Connect with our team today to get started on setting up your real time crime center.

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