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If you are looking to set up a CCTV control center or surveillance room for your security efforts, you need well-designed console furniture that supports your team’s needs. Below, we’ll explain what a CCTV console is and how to choose the right option for your organization’s closed-circuit television operations.


What Is a CCTV Console?

A CCTV console is a piece of furniture specifically designed for closed-circuit television operators and security professionals. There is typically a base frame that holds security technology and equipment, storage space below the desk surface, an array that can hold multiple monitors, and an acoustic divider surrounding the console.

The unique conditions of a CCTV control center mean that operators have different needs from typical desk workers. Since CCTV operations rely on observing input from multiple cameras, while maintaining concentration for a long period of time, a CCTV console must be specially designed to support ergonomics with multiple monitors. It should also include extensive tech management features to keep technology plugged in and protected.


Setting Up a CCTV Control Center or Surveillance Room

Your CCTV surveillance area should support operators’ comfort and work efforts. That means using specially designed console furniture and choosing a layout that supports efficient operations.

Here are a few tips to help you design an effective CCTV control center:

  1. Choose ergonomic CCTV console furniture. Make sure your console furniture and chairs have adjustability options to allow all operators to maintain an ergonomic, healthy posture.
  2. Plan your control center layout around function. Make sure every operator is stationed close to the people they most frequently work with and has any necessary equipment close at hand. If you are designing a CCTV control center during COVID-19, your operators will need to be stationed at least six feet apart (and you may need to improve your building’s ventilation system.)
  3. Make sure there’s sufficient lighting. Choose a variety of quality light sources, including task lighting and ambient lighting, that won’t cause eye staring or stress. Make sure the lighting is relatively uniform throughout the room to avoid monitor glare.
  4. Leave room for future growth. If you can, try to make sure your operations center has enough space for more consoles, monitors, and other equipment they may be needed as your operations change and expand over the next few years.


What to Look for in a CCTV Console

There are three main considerations when buying console furniture: ergonomics, technology features, and lifetime durability.

Ideally, your CCTV consoles should include at least 12” of electric height adjustment and 8” of foal depth adjustment to allow each operator to work in an ergonomically ideal position. A sit-stand console with a height adjustment range of 24” can provide even more health benefits. Regardless of which console style you choose, the ergonomic features should apply to all of the monitors in the setup so they move together and preserve peripheral angles.

Technology access and safety are critical to smooth campus security operations. Your consoles should come with a slatwall array that can hold as many monitors as you need in a variety of configurations, plus storage space with cooling technology to keep equipment cool. Your team also needs comprehensive cable management solutions to protect cords and wires from accidental disconnection.

Last but not least, don’t forget to consider durability. The best way to ensure you are buying quality CCTV consoles is to look for a product with a 10-year warranty on all parts and materials, including shipping and labor for necessary repairs. If a seller’s guarantee includes a lot of fine print, you will likely be better off with a different product.


Choose Russ Bassett for CCTV Consoles

Russ Bassett is a leading provider of console furniture for college campuses, air traffic control, public safety, global security operations, and other mission-critical settings. All of our products come with a 10-Year Everything Warranty. Reach out to us today to take a virtual tour of our showroom.

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