It has been a grueling year for our public safety friends serving in 911 dispatch centers! In celebration of National Public Safety Telecommunications Week 2021, we are encouraging our 911 dispatch friends to share a little about what keeps you going, what energizes you and what puts a pep in your step.



NPSTW Social Media Contest Details

Participating dispatchers, you have the chance to win swag for your 911 Dispatch Center. The two 9-1-1 telecommunicator’s posts with the most likes, tags, and comments, accumulated now through April 17, will win a Pep in Your Step Gift Pack containing gifts to help you and your team get energized.
  • Gift Cards
  • Our Heroes Wear Headsets Poster
  • 911der Women Stickers
  • Individually Wrapped Treats
  • Love 911 Brag Buttons
  • And More




3 Steps Put your 911 Dispatch Center in the Running

1) FOLLOW Russ Bassett on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Instagram.
2) POST a picture sharing what energizes you or your team.
3) TAG @RussBassett and use the hashtag #NPSTW2021





Sample Social Media Posts

NPSTW social contest examples 2021



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Q: Who can participate?
A: Anyone working as or in support of telecommunicators can participate.

Q: Do I have to follow all the social media channels?
A: No. You can find us on any, or all four channels. Each individual follow, like and share on any channel will count toward your total.

Q: Can more than one dispatcher in a center participate?
A: Yes! The more the merrier. And posts from folks at the same center increase that center’s chances of winning.

Q: Can I only post one picture?
A: No. Each participant can post up to three different pictures for contest consideration.

Q: Do I have to be in the picture?
A: No. While we’d love to see your smile, the goal is to share family-friendly inspiration that helps 911 dispatchers stay focused and energized. This might be a picture of a person, place, pet, favorite book or movie, or a quote.

Q: Do I have to follow all 3 steps every time?
A: Yes, please 🙂 When you “like” and “@” tag Russ Bassett we can find you and attribute  additional likes, comments, and shares to you and your post.

If you have additional questions, please reach out via email:


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