Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 08:31 pm

When you’re setting up a new command center, you need several types of furniture to meet your staff’s needs and promote an effective workspace. These are some of the main categories of command and control furniture you should be thinking about:


1. Command Center Consoles

Command center consoles are designed to help operators perform at their best. These mission-critical workstations are vital for staff members who work long shifts monitoring and controlling operational activities.

The best command console furniture is designed with both technology and operators in mind. Workstations often include technology integration features such as cable management, temperature controls for pieces that need cooler temperatures, and quick-connect USB ports to facilitate easy technology usage and charging. Command center consoles should also be ergonomically adaptable so operators can focus on the task at hand with minimal discomfort or risk of repetitive injury.


2. Training Area Furniture

Every organization has training sessions and meetings. While command console furniture for operators may be your first priority, some of your command and control center furniture should also be dedicated to training. That means you will need plenty of chairs and tech-ready tables or desks that facilitate discussion and learning.

There are many furniture configurations you can choose for a command center training area. These are some of the most popular choices:

  • Boardroom layout, in which there is one large table with chairs surrounding it. This layout was designed with board meetings in mind but also works well for brainstorming sessions.
  • U-shape layout, in which chairs surround the outside circumference of a set of tables laid in a U-shape. This configuration works well for training sessions with discussions since everyone can see both the trainer and the other participants.
  • Cabaret layout, which uses circular tables with seats surrounding half of each table so everyone can face forward. This layout allows everyone to easily switch between watching presentations and working in groups with the other people at their table.


3. Conference Furniture

Conference room furniture is often arranged in either the classroom style, with rows of tables and chairs all facing the front of the room, or theatre style, in which there are rows of chairs facing a screen or whiteboard. The best layout depends on how many people are attending and whether it is important for attendees to take notes.

Conference areas often overlap with training areas, especially in smaller command centers. If you anticipate using your training space for multiple purposes, you may wish to choose furniture that can be easily reconfigured.


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