Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 08:28 pm

Whether you’re looking for dispatch furniture for a public safety office, 911 dispatch center, or another mission-critical setting, Russ Bassett can provide you with the best furniture, materials, accessories, and appliances for your workspace.  With an extensive 10-year warranty, you can rest assured your console will be not only effective but also highly reliable.


1. Durable Designs for 24/7 Operations

All console designs by Russ Bassett are designed for decades of performance. When you install a high-quality dispatch console, you’re ensuring better employee safety, comfort, and attentiveness.

Sit-to-stand surface and monitor height adjustments, centralized console controls, and well-thought-out cable management systems are just a few of the perks our console models provide for their users. Russ Basset has clients in a variety of sectors and can provide your workspace with the perfect dispatch or control console.


2. Ergonomic Adjustability to Fit All Dispatchers

Our dispatch consoles can be adjusted and customized for a multitude of markets. We use distinctive technology and equipment designed for demanding 24/7 work environments by including:

  • A customizable Slatwall allows for monitors and other units to be configured in various ways.
  • Multi-point ergonomic adjustment capabilities enable users to maintain a healthy and comfortable posture, promoting attentiveness and focus throughout work shifts.
  • Curved monitors can be positioned and altered along with focal depths to provide users with a better viewing experience.

And that’s just the beginning! We take console ergonomics very seriously and work hard to optimize our furniture for every user we can.


3. Convenient Technology Features on All Dispatch Furniture

At Russ Bassett, we carefully place critical controls and accessories specific to your organization sector in intuitive locations on all of our control consoles for effortless access and mobility. 911 and public safety dispatchers can adjust monitor heights and focal depth using single-touch controls in order to personalize their environment.

Technology installation and maintenance are simple, with a multitude of access points and deliberate cable management systems.


4. Full Support Throughout Your PSAP Redesign

When you choose to buy high-quality dispatch consoles from a full-service provider, you will get a better match for your team’s needs. Russ Bassett’s team will exceed your expectations by attaining a comprehensive understanding of your space and how you can use it efficiently.

We will help design and build the perfect dispatch console with decade-long performance in mind from inception through completion. At Russ Bassett, our priorities are to provide the utmost comfort for you and your team and ensure the technology is durable and reliable.


5. The Most Comprehensive Warranty on All Dispatch Furniture Parts

Unlike other dispatch furniture manufacturers, Russ Bassett provides a 10-year warranty that covers EVERYTHING. This warranty covers all technology, furniture, and hardware items for ten years, including associated shipping and labor, with absolutely no fine print or confusion.

Nurturing a lasting relationship and reliable reputation with our customers is of the highest importance to us. We are pleased to offer you a competitive warranty to protect your new purchase.

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