Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 08:31 pm

Security consoles and other security control room furniture should be designed to support the technology of today and tomorrow. As workflows adapt and emerging technologies provide new challenges, it is important to plan ahead. 


1. Flexible Control Room Furniture 

Control rooms must be ready to seamlessly integrate new technology. By choosing flexible control room console furniture that can be adapted to changing needs, operations centers are preparing for the future.

Most control rooms have transitioned away from bulky CRT equipment to lower-profile, flat-screen monitors. Meanwhile, operation centers have begun using IP video streaming to more easily manipulate audio-video content. These and other changes have led to the need for lighter, more flexible control room furniture.


2. Big Data Management Systems

Operations centers are gathering increasingly large amounts of data from security cameras, industrial equipment, social media, smart technology, and more. While this allows operators to catch more issues, it also means they need new data management systems that can handle all the incoming information and make it useful.

Many operations centers use storage area networks (SANs) and media asset management (MAM) software to maintain large volumes of data. SANs provide a one-stop-shop source where you can manage and allocate all your data however you need, and MAM software helps you manage high-volume video files and other multimedia.


3. LED Video Walls

LED video walls and video rooms are increasingly popular in security operations centers. With more data to analyze than ever, operators need larger displays to visualize that data. 

There are many advantages to using an LED video wall rather than a hybrid laser cube display wall or monitor projections:

  • LEDs do not take up as much space as traditional projection systems.
  • A single LED display panel can offer up to 8K resolution. When integrated, LEDs can reach HD resolutions and above.
  • LED cabinets can be seamlessly arranged and molded into unconventional shapes, such as curved walls.
  • LEDs operate effectively in well-lit environments, so you can set them up in rooms with windows or other bright light sources.
  • LED displays can display more vivid imagery by integrating HDR and QLEDs.


4. Control Room Console Furniture with Technology Integration

IP-based systems and other recent technology changes have increased the need for thoughtful control room console design. Many operations centers are choosing consoles with cable management, climate controls, quick-connect USB ports, and other technology integration features that make life easier for operators and the IT teams that support them.


5. Enhanced Security

Big data allows operations centers to do their work more effectively, but it also opens the door to more security attacks. Security precautions must be continually improved as criminals and mischief-makers come up with new ways to cause havoc. 

Network and data security are especially vital for control rooms of all kinds. Whether you are working in a major air traffic control center or simply monitoring the security around a building, it’s wise to regularly check in with your integrator or product manufacturer about security.


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