Last updated on December 11th, 2023 at 02:56 pm

When you are training the next generation of air traffic controllers, you need the most realistic possible simulation to fully prepare them for the job. That means having functional, ergonomic furniture designed for ATC environments. In the case of Russ Bassett Consoles, we utilize the exact same product in the simulator as we install in the working air traffic control tower.

Here are some characteristics to look for when buying furniture for your control tower simulator:

Ergonomic Features

Control Tower Simulator

Air traffic control trainees need the same ergonomic features as their already-trained counterparts. It’s a good idea to look for furniture that addresses varied ergonomic user needs.

Ideally, your console furniture should include height adjustment for island worksurface tops so that the consoles can be set up or adjusted to the individual facilities operational needs. You will also need comfortable and durable furniture edges and very sturdily mounted equipment.

Specialty Mounts for Your Control Tower Simulator

Your control tower simulator furniture will need specialty mounts for ATC-specific equipment. Russ Bassett ATC console furniture comes with heavy-duty mounts and arms that attach to a Slatwall and reach up beneath housings or displays.

Some of the best mounts are designed with:

  • The ability to adjust motion from firm to lock, which is important for touch screen applications
  • Built-in compression springs inside the support shaft
  • A rotating adjusting screw on the bottom so the load can be safely balanced out

Whichever mounts and arms you choose, they should provide rock solid support with no wobbling.

Custom Housings for Standard FAA Equipment

Control Tower Simulator

Russ Bassett has developed custom housings for standard FAA and DOD equipment. You can set up or mount all of the equipment you need on an arm in spaces that are specifically designed to meet your team’s needs.

Some of the options you may want to look for include:

  • Pull-out keyboard trays sized for ATC-specific keyboards
  • Flight strip trays
  • Under-mount, lighted jack boxes
  • Toe kick lighting

If the seller doesn’t already have what you need, they may be willing to make it.

Convenient Access to All Equipment

You shouldn’t have to do any drilling whenever you have to relocate, replace, maintain, or upgrade your equipment. Ideally, your air traffic control simulator furniture should make it easy to access all of the equipment you use.

Look for console systems designed to accommodate transitions as your setup evolves. Compartments for CPUs should have equipment shelves in the front, and mounting locations for outlets and the ground bar should be in adjustable channels. Your team should be able to fully access equipment cavities when needed with a mechanism such as a lift off hood.

How Russ Bassett Can Help With Your Control Tower Simulation

Control Tower Simulato

Russ Bassett’s unique ATC and control tower simulator furniture was developed in consultation with the FAA. We address both controller requirements and technical access and integration needs.

Our Vertex console systems are low-profile, convenient, include a place for everything, and have rugged, dependable construction. Everything is designed specifically for the demanding requirements of air traffic control towers and simulators. If our design doesn’t already have what you need, we will make it.

Check out our Vertex Console page to learn more about our modular consoles designed for air traffic control applications. All of our furniture is proudly manufactured in the USA.

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