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We know that although typically not the primary decision-making criteria in selecting a control console furniture manufacturer, warranty is an important part of the selection process for mission critical agencies.

Which Console Furniture Warranty Provides the Best Value?

“Our goal is that every Russ Bassett client has an excellent experience working with us from project inception through successful project installation, and beyond as we provide ongoing service and support. We strive not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them…”

It is important to us that we build lasting partnerships with our customers. Warranty and the experience our customers have day 2 and beyond is as important to us as the early selection stages. With this in mind, we committed to evaluating our warranty and our customer’s warranty experiences.  As we compared our competitor’s respective warranties and our warranty to the warranties of our competitors, we found that it is not an easy comparison.

  • All the warranties, including our own, were somewhat confusing.
  • Customers need to know the difference between “lifetime” and “limited lifetime,” “OEM,” “purchased parts” and “buy-outs.”
  • Each manufacturer has different qualifications that leave the buyer responsible for shipping and labor costs.

Manufacturers Warranty Comparison

This graphic summary reflects information from the manufacturer’s websites and publicly available, published warranty documents.




It’s Time for a New Warranty

Upon conclusion of the warranty review, we decided it is time for a new warranty – one that is simple, honest, robust, and easy for everyone to understand. We are pleased to announce Russ Bassett’s new 10 YEAR EVERYTHING WARRANTY. It is just what it says. A warranty that covers ALL items for 10 years including associated shipping and labor.

There is ZERO fine print. This page is our complete warranty statement.


The Best Console Warranty is Available from Russ Bassett

Simply put, Russ Bassett’s new warranty is the most comprehensive and best value to console furniture customers. The warranty covers all consoles, all parts, shipping, and labor for a full 10 years.

The new 10 YEAR EVERYTHING WARRANTY is effective August 3. 2020 and we are extending the 10 Year Everything Warranty coverage to all orders shipped since January 1, 2020.

Download the full warranty statement, today.

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