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Russ Bassett knows how important it is to have high functioning furniture in a control room. With over 60 years of experience creating workplace furniture, Russ Bassett has the background and knowledge to supply you with the absolute best mission-critical furniture for your control center.

There are many reasons why Russ Bassett stands out as a control center furniture company. Below are just some of the reasons why Russ Bassett is a great choice to design and install your mission-critical furniture.

The Best Customer Service

Russ Bassett’s customer service is unmatched. We employ some of the most experienced people in the console furniture industry and strive to supply customers with top-of-the-line control room designs while providing attentive customer service.

Over the years, we have perfected our process and built a solid reputation as an outstanding console furniture company. We are attentive, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking, guiding you through every step of the process of designing and installing your ideal control room furniture.

Our customer service is so expansive that we will even provide you with steady communication long after your project is completed. If you have any issues, we will get them fixed for you — our 10 Year Warranty covers everything.

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Excellent Ergonomic and Functional Control Room Furniture Features

Our ergonomic control room furniture provides any operator with the features they need to do their job safely and effectively.

Here are just a few of the important features that Russ Bassett’s control room furniture can offer you:

Sit-to-stand height adjustment

control room furniture

Control room operators need the flexibility to move around workspaces swiftly throughout their high intensity shifts. Our surface and monitor array adjustments allow users to easily move from sit to stand positions to ensure that they remain comfortable throughout their long hours at work. These adjustments also allow operators to easily maintain their ideal viewing positions when in different positions at their desks.

Adjustable, flexible multi-monitor Slatwall arrays

Our flexible, multi-monitor Slatwall arrays allow users to adjust their monitoring systems based on their personal preferences. Slatwalls allow operators to mount tools and monitors around the workstation in just about any configuration, including portrait and landscape orientations, large monitors, and a variety of multi-monitor setups.

All the supplemental lighting you need

Supplemental lighting is crucial for control room operators in mission-critical workplaces because it allows them to remain focused and attentive for longer periods of time. Our control room furniture has easily accessible, user-controlled lighting options, which allows each operator to adjust their lighting depending on personal preference.

Centralized environmental controls

Our control room furniture includes centralized environmental controls which let users easily customize their temperature, lighting, and overall environment while at work. By keeping these controls central and in reach, operators can adjust their environment without being distracted from their job responsibilities.

Customizable control room furniture options and finishes

Designing the perfect control room furniture and workspace for each client’s needs is one of Russ Bassett’s priorities. We know how important it is for operators to be comfortable and productive in their workspaces, which is why we provide plenty of customizable features, configuration options, and finishes.

Control Room Furniture Design Assistance

Russ Bassett is there for you from conception to completion and beyond. We continue to be on call for you even after your project has wrapped up.

Our team will listen and ask important questions to make sure that all of your wants and needs are cared for. We take this a step further by speaking with the intended users at mission-critical workplaces and learning about their specific pain points and requirements to feel comfortable at work.

From there, we draw up a control room design that’s ideal for you with all of the customized aspects you desire. Once we’ve decided on the design components, Russ Bassett will create your perfect mission-critical workplace and install control room furniture that is custom-made for your employees and their environment.

Contact us to learn more about control console features, explore customization options, and get started with your control room design.

An All-Inclusive Warranty On Control Room Furniture

At Russ Bassett, we believe in standing behind our work and building lasting partnerships with our customers. We offer all-inclusive warranties on all of our control room furniture. We are committed to providing our customers with the best customer service and support for years after their purchase.

Our 10 Year Everything Warranty covers just what it says: everything! Russ Bassett will cover all furniture and parts for 10 whole years, including shipping and labor. With absolutely no fine print, our warranty is honest and easy to understand.

In Summary: How Russ Bassett’s Control Room Furniture Improves Your Operational Efficiency

Russ Bassett’s control room furniture is dedicated to improving your operational efficiency. With customizable options and control room design assistance, top notch customer service, and a comprehensive 10 year warranty, our team can provide you with the perfect mission-critical workspace for you and your company.

Russ Bassett Has Control Room Furniture for All Types of Mission-Critical Workplaces.

Whether you’re looking for furniture for a public safety answering point, transportation control center, air traffic control, or any other mission-critical workplace, Russ Bassett has designs that will meet your needs.

Public Safety

Russ Bassett’s public safety dispatch furniture offers a suite of features and accessories that improve attentiveness. Our designs help dispatchers stay comfortable and keep equipment close at hand while working long hours in high stress environments.


Russ Bassett’s command and control console furniture for government employees allows users to feel safe while protecting critical technology and appliances. We have worked with many different U.S. government clients in the past.

Air Traffic Control

Our air traffic control furniture includes specific designs, materials, and equipment that are specifically designed for the demanding 24/7 environment of an air traffic controller. Flexible housing, monitors, and Slatwall designs help operators stay focused, calm, and comfortable.

Security Operations

Russ Bassett Security Operations Center (SOC) and Global Security Operation Center (GSOC) furniture comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your operation needs. Our customizable designs can be constructed to ensure that your team is supported and engaged over the course of long shifts.

Interested in purchasing control room furniture for your business? Look no further than Russ Bassett. Contact us today to see how our team can help enhance your mission-critical workplace.

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