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It is an exciting time when your 911 dispatch center undergoes a face lift. Whether it is new paint, flooring, consoles, or all the above, there will be the need to consider materials and finishes. If you do not have an interior designer guiding material and color selection, your team can put together a beautiful space with some basic knowledge and by following recommendations for color and pattern on core elements.


Color in the 911 Dispatch Center Workspace

Color is the most prominent design element in the commercial workspace. Our friends at share:

Color can play an important role in conveying information, creating certain moods, and even influencing the decisions people make. …Room colors can also be used to evoke specific moods …Experts have found that while color can have an influence on how we feel and act, these effects are subject to personal, cultural, and situational factors.

A simple rule of thumb for creating a professional and transitional public safety team space is to limit bright color and pattern to accent areas – a single wall, fabric panels, accessories. Accents evoke certain moods and reinforce agency pride and key messaging and are easier to update between major renovations.

Using Accent Color in Your 911 Dispatch Center


A Neutral Foundation

Choose neutral colors for the main walls and floors. This will create a pleasing backdrop for signage, console furniture, storage, chairs, panels and work accessories. A neutral foundation will also give you the most flexibility when selecting unique accents.


Popular Colors and Patterns for Dispatch Center Flooring

Whether you select engineered wood, vinyl abstract or wood grain, or carpet, the flooring should be selected for superior wear and performance in a shift work 365/24/7 environment. Here are finishes we have been seeing lately in PSAPs nationwide.


Engineered and Vinyl Flooring in Neutral Wood Grains

Nuetral wood grain floor options for 911 dispatch centers


Carpet in Neutral Abstract Patterns

popular carpet patterns for PSAPs

Important: If carpeting your PSAP, be sure to consult your flooring and electronics vendors to understand static-disruption risk and anti-static recommendations.


Popular Colors for Dispatch Center Walls

When selecting your wall color, you’ll want to consider how it will balance with your flooring choice.


White/Cream/Pale Yellow

White is an easy choice and will compliment nearly any floor choice. However, it may feel clinical and non-welcoming, especially in contrast to dark floors. A nice alternative is variations of cream and pale yellow that warm up the space just a bit.

paint options for 911 dispatch centers

more paint options for 911 dispatch centers

Grey/Tan/ Beige/ Taupe

Grey, beige, and taupe neutrals pair well with light wood floors, keeping the space calm while adding some dimension. Avoid darker variations of brown and yellow as they create too much contrast and may make the space feel smaller.


Light and Mid-Tone Grey Alternatives

Grey walls have been trending recently in commercial spaces. However, for PSAPs, consider the impact if you have selected grey flooring (a popular choice because it disguises wear). Tip: If your floor is grey, steer away from a grey wall. The monochromatic combo may feel dark, depressive, or unwelcoming. If your floor is mid to dark grey, consider one of these neutral and complementary tones.


alternatives to grey walls in PSAPs




Unique 911 Dispatch Center Design

When selecting dispatch consoles, consider the impact of color, pattern, and scale on the overall room design. More specifically, how will your console finishes look next to the flooring, walls? Do you want to create harmony or contrast? Does your team desire warm and comforting, or light and bright? Here are a few examples of unique PSAP interiors selected to promote a specific work style and/or team culture.


Sumner County 911


Marin County 911 public safety dispatch consoles


South Bay Communications 911 Dispatch Center design

You can see in the images above how the floor color/pattern and wall color impacts the sense of the space.



Console Furniture Schemes Make Finish Selection Easy

Look for dispatch console manufacturers that provide an array of finishes. Even better are designer recommended schemes selected for professional public safety spaces. These schemes should feel fresh and be grounded in classic finishes and colors that will stand the test of time. Finish schemes are a great way to be sure a designer has your back. Though, if you don’t see what you are looking for, we are here to help. The Russ Bassett Design Services team has full access to over 200 finish options. We’ve got you covered! )






Digging Deeper: Principles of Design Applied to 911 Dispatch Center Console Furniture

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the principles that drive interior design function and flow, here are seven design principles, their purpose, and application as it relates to console furniture. The Design Services team considers these factors when helping you plan a space that meets your functional and aesthetic requirements.


Principles of Design Purpose Commonly attained using… Applied to Console Furniture


Symmetry of space, components, color, light Color, Form/Shape, Light, Scale


Style and size of console workstations, panels, storage components placement, floor plan
Gradation and Proportion Creating interest and movement in the space Color, Pattern, Texture, Light Height of panels, addition of Freestanding and Bridge Storage (+ sightlines, traffic flow, work landscape)
Repetition Repeating design elements reinforces color, light, pattern storytelling Color, Pattern, Texture, Shape, Light


Style and size of console workstations, storage, accessories placement, space planning
Contrast Creating visual interest with juxtaposition Color, Pattern, Texture, Light Surface, Cabinet Face, and Case Finishes, Fabric Panels
Emphasis Applying focus to an area of the space, and or component(s) of the design that reinforce function, mood, culture etc. Color, Pattern, Light, Scale Fabric Panels, Uplit Etched Glazing, Accessories,
(+ space plan and traffic flow)
Unity Creating similarity and visual transition within a design through use of color, pattern, light Color, Light, Pattern, Texture Surface and Cabinet finishes, fabric panels, glass partitions, ambient lighting
Harmony Design in which each part, each piece contributes to the goals of the design and the general feeling of contentment for those inhabiting the space. Balance of color, pattern, texture, shape, light and scale on/with/applied to flooring, walls, lighting, furniture, fixtures and accessories. A console that delivers against functional requirements, looks professional, and inspires the team. For public safety agencies who will have consoles for a decade and more, the styling and finishes should be “classic” rather than trendy.


If you are considering new dispatch consoles, we can help. Our sales executives and design services teams have extensive experience creating efficient, effective, beautiful mission critical workspaces. Contact us today!


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