Process Control

Process Control Operator Ergonomics

The right console workstations boost process control situational management by providing a wired work space that is organized and promotes operator attentiveness. A multi-monitor array maximizes the available display and adjusts to optimize healthful viewing.

Console Technology Integration

Critical surveillance and communications technology are contained within vented cabinets, keeping equipment operating at optimal temperatures. Integrated cable troughs and chains are incorporated with all process control room furniture to keep power and data cables separate, organized, and protected from accidental disconnection.

Russ Bassett’s Console Guarantee

All process control console furniture materials, accessories and appliances are selected for decade plus performance in a shift work environment. All Russ Bassett products are covered by our 10 Year Everything Warranty.

  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Access Control
  • Power Plants
  • Petrochemical

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Some of our Customers


In considering our redesign we had the desire to find the most advanced system that we could while allowing for it to be modular and expandable. Your system has proven that we can have both. It has allowed us to be more ergonomically friendly for the users as well as bringing the control room’s visual aesthetics up to a new level.

I wanted to take a moment to describe the outstanding experience that (we) had with your company during our recent purchase of 250 sit/stand work consoles. …Your product is exceeding our expectations and the support we have received has been better than expected. As the leader of the design and build-out team, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your product and your company to anyone. 

…very pleased by your time and effort in the design of sit-to-stand consoles…that requires 24 hour, 365 day operation. Our operators are more than satisfied by the layout and funcitonality. We have also had very positive comments from visitors who have commented on how nice and professional the consoles appear.

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