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Overview: Prince William County is beginning a much-anticipated renovation. The project includes replacing 15+ year old dispatch consoles that are in disrepair.  

Challenge: Prince William’s existing consoles, expected to function fully to end-of-life, are fraught with mechanical failures. Since the console provider discontinued the product line during the would-be functional lifetime of the consoles, Prince William is left without parts and support.

Solution: Prince William county selects a vendor whose products are proven to stand up to the rigors of 24/7 use in the public safety space. Equally important is this vendor’s proven commitment to their customers.


Improving 911 Dispatcher Comfort and Workflow

Prince William’s 15+ year old dispatching consoles are not fully functional. Mechanical components are failing regularly. Since the manufacturer has discontinued the product line, it is difficult to find the parts required to keep the consoles functioning properly. Eddie Reyes, Director of Public Safety Communications, takes on the capital improvements project visioned under the previous director.

In cooperation with the Operators and IT team, Reyes evaluates their current vendor’s new product and multiple alternate vendors. The team is looking for console workstations that deliver in three specific areas:

  • Durability
  • Storage Capability
  • Equipment Integration

Prince William is thrilled to find Russ Bassett. Russ Bassett’s dispatch consoles deliver against their priorities – they have a modern look and they improve the dispatchers’ comfort and workflow. In addition, multiple console styles make is possible to combine multiple workstation shapes and maintain a professional look throughout the space.


Lifetime Support and Nothing Less

Since Prince William endured late stage struggles of aging dispatch consoles, it is critical to find ultra-durable consoles AND a team committed to supporting Prince William for the long haul. “The all-steel construction of Russ Bassett’s consoles is modern looking and we know it will stand up to dispatching for many years.” In addition to the superior build of the consoles, Russ Bassett demonstrates their commitment to long-term customer care.

Worth noting is the project is in full swing during unusual circumstances, COVID-19, which impacts all parties involved. Reyes shares, “The company president called with a personal commitment to deliver the furniture on time.” The personal assurance during that time impressed Reyes and the Prince William team. As promised, the furniture was delivered on-time and installation was smooth.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Proper Storage

According to Reyes, “Without proper personal storage, it is hard to keep a dispatching space tidy.” The new consoles provide each operator concealed space for their personal belongings. In addition, adequate technology storage means no overflow equipment on the work surface.


When there is a place for everything, it is easier to stay organized and focused on the mission critical work. In general, the “feel” of the center is improved with the addition of appropriate agency and personal storage.

Dispatch Consoles Ease the Equipment Installation and Maintenance

The smart design of Russ Bassett’s technology wall is appealing to the IT team. It is easier to access equipment and they can perform service checks from the front or back of the console. All equipment and communications cables are routed through channels that keep them neat and protected. Built in ventilation keeps air flowing and temperature regulated, protecting Prince William’s technology and equipment investment. Reyes adds, ”We can service the workstation while the employee is working which saves the team time and reduces disruption during the workday.”

Improving the Dispatcher’s Work Experience

While renovating the existing space, Russ Bassett helps Prince William reconfigure the floorplan to accommodate more positions. In addition, each workstation is larger. The well-thought space prepares Prince William for future growth:

  • they can add more monitors to each position,
  • there is room for additional equipment
  • and the call-taking and radio positions can expand to take on full dispatching responsibilities.

“The Operators are impressed by the large work surface at each station,” shares Reyes. The previous consoles have a small primary surface and a keyboard platform. The new console worksurface provides the dispatchers an uninterrupted workspace that can accommodate multiple keyboards, communications equipment and room for work tools and paperwork. The dispatchers no longer feel cramped and their stations are far more organized. Plus, the dispatchers like that they can move the surface and the monitors at the same time; this makes it simple to change position from sitting to standing during their shift.


“The support I got from the highest level, attention to detail, and the follow through demonstrated Russ Bassett’s commitment to our project and agency. The furniture is highly functional and the center looks modern and professional.”


Before and After Prince William County
Office of Public Safety Communications


Office of Public Safety Floor Plan

 Prince William public safety floorplan


About Prince William County

The OPSC provides command, control and information support services to the police department and fire and rescue services. OPSC personnel are often the first representatives of County government to assist citizens in need. Without leaving the communications center, they are usually the first public safety persons to ‘arrive’ at the scene of a crime, fire or medical emergency. Emergency medical care has a virtual zero response time because call takers are trained to provide immediate medical care instructions over the telephone before response services arrive on the scene.


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