Last updated on December 11th, 2023 at 03:02 pm

When furnishing a cybersecurity operations center, you can’t just buy any office furniture. You need cybersecurity consoles with future-friendly technology management features, ergonomic adjustability, and enough durability to last at least a decade with continual usage.

Look for these characteristics to ensure you’re getting quality cybersecurity consoles that will support your team’s success.


1. Flexible Access to Technology

Cybersecurity teams need the flexibility of adjustable and easily accessible mounting options for monitors and other hardware, as well as comprehensive cable management solutions. Each console should come with a slatwall array that can hold monitors in a variety of configurations, including double stacks, portrait configurations, and large screens.

Your cybersecurity consoles should include a base frame that can hold technology and equipment, as well as accessible space for storage, including technology cabinets with ultra-quiet fans and vented panels to keep equipment cool. Tech pods can be used to store larger equipment beneath the surface and away from operators’ leg space. In addition to these features, look for cable channels to keep cords and wires organized and safe from accidental disconnection.


2. Cybersecurity Consoles Should Include Plenty of Ergonomic Adjustability

Ergonomic adjustability helps all of your operators stay healthy. Your cybersecurity consoles should include at least 12” of electric height adjustment and 8” of focal depth adjustment so each operator can work ergonomically, no matter their individual needs. Additionally, these features should apply to all monitors so they move together, preserving tilt and peripheral angles.

If you want to provide the absolute best ergonomics for your team, you should consider console furniture with electric sit-stand height adjustability. Look for flex consoles with a range of at least 24”, as well as sturdy lifting legs.


3. A Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty ensures that you are getting high quality, durable consoles. Ideally, your cybersecurity consoles should come with a 10-year warranty that includes all parts and materials, including shipping and labor for necessary repairs.

Look for a product guarantee that is easy to understand and doesn’t include a lot of fine print. Otherwise, you may find yourself surprised if you end up needing a repair down the road. It is also important to check reviews, and ensure that others can give positive feedback as to the brand’s longevity and customer satisfaction.


Cybersecurity Consoles from Russ Bassett

Russ Bassett designs command and control center furniture for mission-critical teams throughout the country. We work with each client from project inception through successful installation and beyond as we provide ongoing service and support. We strive to understand your organization’s unique requirements and engage in friendly collaboration, listening and sharing ideas each step of the way.

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