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Christian County Emergency Services (CCES) Delivers BIG from a Re-imagined Dispatch Center Space

CCES Executive Director, Becky Bacon, set out to expand the agency’s dispatching capabilities because she knew it was time to replace aging consoles and add positions to the already full space. Bacon is a dispatching veteran and has led two previous dispatch center console renovations, and therefore knew this would not be an easy task.  “As you see, we are a small center and small spaces can be challenging,” Bacon said.  However, she was confident that it could happen with the support of the right vendor, along with a cooperative and very creative design team.

CCES raised the bar for what a small agency can pursue and achieve. In accomplishing their goals, the newly redesigned space provided the following improvements:

  • Better use of the overall space; increasing consoles by 1 full position (7 total) with 2 call-taking positions
  • Providing ergonomic adjustment dispatch consoles, which further improved the workspace
  • Utilizing furniture that accommodated future technology changes/growth
  • Adequately achieving social distancing recommendations

To accomplish all of these things, CCES needed to perform due diligence by researching and engaging multiple console furniture vendors, and Russ Bassett stood head and shoulders above the rest. Bacon shared this comment about the selection process,

Other companies said we couldn’t do it (accomplish an expansion in the confined space). What I liked about Russ Bassett is they listened. They listened to what we needed, and to our ideas. Then, they delivered a product that worked for our small center, without compromising quality.


Christian County Before



More Effective Use of the Dispatch Center Space

With this remodel, Bacon’s vision was to have the team positioned in such a way that supported collaboration. She no longer wanted the team to feel “cramped” within their workspace. Russ Bassett’s design team proposed a solution that placed all active positions on a central island, which ultimately created a clean traffic flow within a modern and professional space that Director Bacon was challenged to overcome.

“They squeezed every inch out of the floor space,” said Bacon of the Russ Bassett Design Team. The new floorplan improved the work experience in four specific ways:

  • A space that now boasts seven (7) full dispatch positions and two (2) call-taker positions.
  • Four banks of lockers provide much-needed personal storage security.
  • A supervisor is positioned in such a way they can oversee the entire dispatch floor.
  • Created a primary traffic flow around the main island of dispatch positions.

“Russ Bassett was able to take a small space and improve it. It is more professional,” Bacon said.

“A change like this builds morale and standards go up. This is now a room that my team and our community can be proud of.”

CCES -3D-floorplan-Russ-Bassett-dispatch-center-consoles

Improved Dispatch Operator Experience

A priority for the CCES team was to ensure each dispatch console position was fully appointed so any operator could work from any position at any given time, and once again, Russ Bassett delivered on that element of the project. “Everything is cohesive and set up the same,” shared Bacon. “This has improved efficiency by 33%.”  Each new dispatcher workstation contains features that help operators remain comfortable, while also remaining focused and healthy. Examples of these features are:

  • Each dispatch center console has a single, uninterrupted work surface that gives operators room to “spread out.”
  • The “full sit-stand” surface height adjustment allows all operators to attain their most comfortable seated and standing surface height.
  • The adjustable, curved monitor array positions eight monitors at an optimal viewing height and distance for each operator.
  • The ultra-quiet appliances provide personal heating and cooling without disruption to the overall workspace.
  • There are dimmable, gooseneck task lights, along with ambient lighting that supplements the room lighting.
  • Each space is separated by clear upper acrylic panels which preserve viewing and protect operators from the spread of illnesses.


Image: Dispatch Center Console Features: Personal Comfort System Heating and Colling, Slatwall Paper Towel Holder, Acoustic Fabric Panels, Situational Indicator Light, Slatwall Paperflow Manager, Acrylic Dividers, Slatwall Monitor Array, Technology and Personal Storage

Ready for Dispatch Center Growth and Change

In addition to the improved ergonomic adjustment, the new dispatch center consoles are capable of expanding technology-based service duties as needed.  “The consoles meet IT needs and provide the infrastructure we need to be thinking about,” shared Bacon.  Everyone recognizes that Public Safety technology and communications equipment changes frequently, and the CCES consoles can accommodate change in multiple ways:

  • The “Technology Wall” has available capacity for more equipment.
  • Tech Pods provide additional undersurface storage capacity.
  • An expansive workspace and side extensions provide ample room for primary work tools and ancillary equipment. Plus, there is still available real estate should additional desktop equipment become a requirement.
  • The monitor array holds eight (8) monitors for each workstation (three more than the previous design). With this design, operators have room to spread visual information out and there is room to dedicate screens to new technology applications, as needed.
  • The use of Slatwall segments atop side extensions provides usable vertical mounting for Status Light, small format CPUs, and additional work tools.

Overall, Bacon summarizes the experience this way:

Russ Bassett listens. They shot straight. They created a professional partnership. They looked at how things fit and were confident they could make it work. And you can’t beat the 10-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. Everything about the Russ Bassett experience was over and above what other vendors could provide.

Christian County 911 Dispatch Consoles – Photo Taken During Equipment Installation

Russ Bassett-911-dispatch-consoles-installation-photo

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