Last updated on November 8th, 2023 at 11:10 pm

When you are doing mission-critical work, you need furniture that supports your team’s efforts. Basic, poorly-designed custom conference room tables that leave cables, wires, and equipment sitting out in awkward places for team members to trip over just won’t cut it.

At Russ Bassett, we provide custom conference room tables to help your team accomplish mission-critical work more efficiently and without hazards. Here are several reasons to consider buying a custom conference room table for your team:


1. You Can Order Custom Conference Room Tables with Power and Easy Data Integration.

Some custom conference room tables are made to more easily accommodate your organization’s power and data needs. They may come with compartments that provide housing for simpler power integration, for example. Your team can ask for compartments and features perfectly matched to your equipment.


2. A Custom Conference Room Table will Fit Your Space and Team.

Our Techcon conference room tables are designed to meet the unique needs of war rooms, small meeting spaces, and mission-critical conference rooms. Our tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit every space.


3. You Can Tuck Cords, Cables, and PCs Away in Custom Conference Room Tables.

custom conference room tables

Russ Bassett’s Techcon tables are the ideal tech-ready solution for network operations centers, public safety dispatch, and command centers. The table’s technology cabinets can easily store PCs, communications equipment, and all the related cords and cables you have. The top-side raceways allow users to tuck small form-factor PCs in and simply plug and play.


4. You Can Add All the Equipment Storage Space You Need.

Our conference room tables comes with leg compartments that provide additional housing for power integration. We customize all our mission-critical furniture for each client or team, so if you need extra storage space for your equipment, we can come up with the ideal solution.

If you want to see how Russ Bassett can integrate storage space into your custom conference room table or workspace, schedule a virtual tour with us today.


The Russ Bassett Advantage

Russ Bassett isn’t just another control center furniture company. Our customers repeatedly tell us we provide an exceptional experience from projection conception to successful completion, as you can see in our installation surveys.

When you choose Russ Bassett, you get:

  • The Right Product, complete with accessories and storage solutions customized to your exact needs and pain points.
  • The Right People, including one of the most experienced sales teams in the mission-critical furniture industry and team members who are deeply familiar with the needs of organizations like yours.
  • The Right Process, in which we listen carefully and ask questions to understand your needs and wants, work collaboratively to create the right solution, discuss the specific console features we believe will be most beneficial to the users, create and install your customized furniture, and provide ongoing support through project completion and beyond.

Russ Bassett’s 10-Year Everything Warranty covers all parts, shipping, and labor. You can trust us to stand behind our products and provide whatever support you need, even years after your purchase.

Schedule a virtual tour to see our selection of standard and tech-ready tables for conference rooms, training spaces, and more.

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