During your 360 degree Virtual Tour, a Russ Bassett guide will walk your team through our showroom. Your team can gather at your Center to join the interactive video conference, or folks can join from multiple locations.

  • Learn about the ergonomic benefits of Single Surface, Dual Lift consoles.
  • Discover how the console surface shape impacts work flow.
  • Observe how single-touch control makes it easy to move from sitting to standing.
  • Hear the ultra quiet desktop fans and under-surface heaters.
  • See multiple monitor configurations.

We’ll tune in to the console types and features that your team wants to see. Plus, you can ask questions and direct the camera, in real time, to explore any and all console details.

Now tour these consoles and features:

  • Define and Flex Consoles
  • 90-Degree Corner and Linear Positions
  • Slatwall Monitor Array
  • Configurable Dashboard Controls
  • Personal Comfort System
  • Cable Management
  • Personal & Technology Storage
  • Console Finishes

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Some Virtual Tour Close-Ups

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