Last updated on December 11th, 2023 at 03:05 pm

Rather than investing in all new console furniture, some centers may want to consider a suite of upgrades that will extend the monitor mounting capability of existing consoles and deliver operator comfort upgrades.

If you are a current Flex customer and you are considering new furniture, visit the Russ Bassett team and learn how a budget friendly upgrade makes the most of a limited budget and extends the life of existing console furniture assets.

Three upgrade options are now available.


1. Multi-Monitor Array

Add a monitor solution that accommodates up to eight 24” monitors or a combination of standard, large and/or curved screens. The new Slatwall Monitor Array delivers monitor height and depth adjustability, rear screening and ample monitor real estate. This addition to your console furniture increases monitor capacity and consolidates ergonomic adjustment.

Flex consoles with Slatwall Array


2. Personal Comfort System 

Russ Bassett’s updated Personal Comfort System comes with two- repositionable desk-top cooling fans and two under-surface forced air heaters. All console furniture appliances are energy-efficient, respond to single touch controls, and are tested to operate 24/7 in shift work environments. In addition, your PCS comes with an occupancy sensor that shuts off the appliances if movement is not detected.

   Russ Bassett Security Ops Comfort ControlsFlex sit to stand console furniture          Russ Bassett moveable desktop fan


3. Ambient Lighting Above and Below the Console

Russ Bassett - Flex sit to stand console furniture

dashboard ambient light control

Ambient lighting has become a regular ask for centers who operate in low light and who want to better accommodate night shift lighting. The calming blue light adds a glow above the surface, below the surface, or both.

The image at right shows the ambient light dimmer. Located on the console furniture dashboard, the dimmer is within easy reach of the operator.


More Information About This Console Furniture Upgrade

  • Download the Slatwall Array brochure to share with your team.
  • If you are ready to talk about this budget-friendly alternative that extends the capability and lifetime of your Flex consoles, please contact our team.


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