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In a military command center, you need the most optimized space you can design. Regardless of which branch of the military you serve in, you need the right console furniture and technology management strategies to streamline the process of identifying and addressing threats.

At Russ Bassett, we are experts in military command center design and have worked with a wide variety of government clients. Use our tips to design a strong, functional military command center.


Does Your Military Command Center Need a New Design?

In the military, every second and every bit of productivity counts. A military command center needs highly functional furniture and a layout that supports rather than distracts from this mission.

If your operators are struggling with back pain, eye strain, or poorly organized workspaces, it’s time to redesign your military command center with ergonomic and tech-ready command center furniture. You also may want to redesign your command center if your console furniture is aging or if you are moving into a new space.


How to Design a Top-Notch Military Command Center

While technology-related needs may vary from command center to command center, there are a few design features every military command center needs:


User interfaces that optimize operations

Military operators need an expansive work surface with consolidated controls to stay organized and ready. Controls should not be spread around the workstation, and frequently needed equipment should be within reach.

Every operator has a different height and different proportions. Workstations should be adjustable to create the ideal ergonomic position for each operator’s health and productivity. Ideally, the user interface should include adjustment options for work surface height, monitor height, and focal depth.


Adaptability for years to come

Military command centers must be designed with a future-proof approach. While we may not know how technology will change in the next decade, we do know that it will change — and that your design and furniture must be flexible enough to withstand those changes.

In the near term, military command center furniture should be durable enough for constant usage, shift changes, and potentially increasing traffic flow. Your console furniture should have technology management and storage features to enable future technology upgrades.


Secure technology integration

In a military command center, the design and furniture should make it easy to install equipment. There should be a well-designed cable management system and multiple access points.

Monitor arrays should accommodate screens in a variety of configurations, including multiple portrait, landscape, and large screens. Even if your operators consistently use the same configurations now, they may not later as interfaces and technology change.


Safety and security compliance

In a military command center, security is a top concern. Any partner you choose to help you design your new command center should have experience working with high-security clients and strict safety standards. You need console furniture built and installed with security in mind.

Look for a command center design partner with strong safety standards and a sufficient level of clearance to work in your high-security, highly classified environment. Furniture installers should be willing to adhere to all your safety regulations and standards so installation is safe for everyone involved, including taking any necessary site-specific training.


The Russ Bassett Advantage

At Russ Bassett, we specialize in command center furniture for mission-critical operations. We have worked with a variety of military and government clients, and we are here to help you create a secure and highly functional military command center.

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

The right product

Russ Bassett recognizes that no two military command centers have the same furniture requirements and pain points, so we listen closely and design custom solutions based on your goals. We offer highly functional and durable products at an excellent value. You can count on us to deliver an excellent solution, on-time and on budget.

The right people

We have one of the most experienced sales teams in the command center console furniture industry. That means your Russ Bassett contacts will be easy to work with, deeply familiar with the most common needs of military command centers, and knowledgeable about which furniture solutions best fit those needs.

The right process

Russ Bassett has a well-honed process developed over years of working with military command centers and other clients:

  1. We listen and ask questions to understand your requirements, pain points, and wants.
  2. We work collaboratively to create the ideal design of your military command center and console furniture and create a drawing of what the new space will look like.
  3. We present the military command center design to you and discuss the specific console features we believe will be most beneficial to the users.
  4. If you choose us, we create and install your customized console furniture.
  5. We provide ongoing support through project completion and beyond. All parts, shipping, and labor are covered under our 10-Year Everything Warranty.

Our customers consistently tell us they had an excellent experience working with us. Check out our installation surveys to see what they have to say about our service.

Types of military command centers we work with

Here are some of the many types of military command centers we can work with:

Ground Monitoring and Defense

  • Air Operations Centers (AOC & CAOC)
  • Base Defense Operations Centers (BDOC)
  • Base Operations Centers
  • Command Posts
  • Control Room in a Box
  • Cyber Operations Centers
  • Emergency Communications Centers (ECC)
  • Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)
  • Global Network Operations Centers (GNOC)
  • Headquarters Operations Centers
  • Joint Operations Centers (JOC)
  • Maintenance Operations Centers (MOC)
  • Tactical Operations Centers (TOC)

Air Monitoring and Defense

  • Air Traffic Control Tower
  • Drone Control
  • Radar Approach Control (RAPCON)
  • RAPCON, Mobile
  • Remote Virtual Towers (TSS)
  • Space Operations Centers (RVT)
  • Tower Simulators
  • Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Control
  • Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

Russ Bassett is a top provider of government and military command center furniture. If you are looking to design a new military command center, reach out to the Russ Bassett team today.

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