Last updated on December 11th, 2023 at 02:56 pm

Command posts coordinate, plan, and synchronize warfighting and other functions. To be at their most effective, they need console furniture that is optimized for their unique equipment and users.

In this article, we discuss important features to look for in your air force or military command post furniture. You can also contact us directly or set up a Virtual Tour to learn about furniture options that match your command post’s unique technology and equipment.


Tips For Furnishing Military or Air Force Command Posts

Command Posts


1. Prioritize Durability

Command post furniture needs to stand up to 24/7 usage for many years to come. If you are buying for an air force, military, or another mission-critical environment, it is important to choose a manufacturer that is willing to stand behind its products with a solid warranty.


2. Choose Consoles Made With Your Equipment in Mind

High-quality consoles are made for specific technology and equipment, such as the distinctive technology used in air traffic control settings. Look for consoles that provide flexibly mounted housing, arms, equipment, and cable management that matches your users’ technical needs. You may also be able to work with a manufacturer to create a custom solution.


3. Examine the User Interface

Your command post consoles should have consolidated controls and expansive work surfaces so operators can be organized and ready.


4. Consider Ergonomics

Surface height, monitor height, and focal depth all factor into whether an operator is working in the healthiest position. Ideally, your command post furniture should include height adjustments that meet all users’ needs. At a minimum, look for furniture with a height range fitted to adults between the 5th height percentile for women and the 95th height percentile for men.


5. Look For Secure Technology Integration

Your command post consoles should be able to accommodate multiple screen sizes and configurations, including large and curved screens. Command post furniture should also have a thoughtful cable management system and multiple access points for installing equipment.


How Russ Bassett Can Help with Your Command Posts

Russ Bassett’s carefully designed command console furniture creates a safe, user-friendly, and durable workspace that protects both operators and equipment. We combine technology integration, ergonomics, a great user interface, and specialized features into highly durable consoles made in the USA.

All Russ Bassett products are made for decade-plus performance in 24/7 work environments and are covered by our 10 Year Everything Warranty. We carefully select all of our console materials, accessories, and appliances for demanding settings.

Contact us today to get started on furnishing your command post, or set up a Virtual Tour to review our government and military command and control consoles. During your 360-degree Virtual Tour, a Russ Bassett will walk your team throughout our showroom and tune in to the console types and features your team wants to see. You can ask questions and even direct the camera in real time to explore any console details that interest you.

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