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Having a console furniture manufacturer who has experience in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and mission critical environment is essential to successfully project planning and implementing .  Unlike conventional command and control work spaces, ATC Tower, Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) and Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) have unique workspace and equipment requirements. Understanding the physical workspace needs and restrictions, having knowledge of the various equipment required to perform optimally 365/24/7, and knowing how each team of operators works are key to running a smooth ATC furniture project.


Keys to Selecting an ATC Console Furniture Manufacturer


When selecting an ATC console or furniture manufacturer, be sure to evaluate the product and the team. A good fit will ensure your facility has insightful design and installation assistance and committed support for the lifetime of the project. Consider using this checklist, or one that your team develops, when evaluating your console furniture options.

ATC Interior Team Environments

Product Attributes

  • Has Features that Show the Console Furniture Manufacturer Understands the User Group’s Specific Needs
  • Proven Durable, Built for 365/24/7 Performance
  • Has User-Group Specific Technology and Equipment Integration and Storage Capabilities
  • Neat and Secure Cable Management
  • User Adjustment, Health, Focus and Comfort Features
  • Meets the Needs of both ATC and Technical Operations Personnel


Console Furniture Manufacturer Attributes

  • Reputation for Producing Quality Product
  • Reputation for Making it Easy to do Business
  • Ability to Stage Mock-Ups
  • Ability to Create Custom Solutions
  • Has References from ATC Facilities (or agencies within your market space)


Sales and Service Attributes

  • Team Member(s) Have Direct Experience in the ATC Field
  • Demonstrates In-Depth Understanding of Pain Points and Solutions Unique to Tower, TRACON and ARTCC Environments
  • Can Effectively Communicate ATC-Specific Language and Concepts to Other Support Teams
  • Demonstrated Project Management Experience in High-Security Environments


The Value of ATC Console Furniture and Project Expertise

Here is what a recent facility manager had to share:

Russ Bassett’s commitment to providing great product to the Air Traffic Control community was cemented with the addition of Mitch Herrick. Mitch Herrick had several years of experience in our field as a former Air Traffic Controller. It cannot be overstated how his involvement made the project run so much more smoothly before, during, and after the construction and installation at our facility. Mr. Herrick’s ability to translate our “Air Traffic” input into the console designs allowed us to rest easy knowing we had been understood correctly.

– Robert E. Russ, III, Air Traffic Manger (former), U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration


air traffic control console furniture


Experienced Console Furniture Teams Deliver Better Customer Support

At Russ Bassett, we have deliberately structured our ATC team to have professionals with hands-on ATC work experience and expertise in project management. We have found that having people who are experts in the areas they are responsible for makes an enormous difference in our customers’ experiences. Here’s more about the Russ Bassett ATC console team projects leaders:

Director of Russ Bassett ATC Consoles Division

Our Director of ATC Consoles, Mitch Herrick has 32 years of experience in Air Traffic Control working in towers and radar facilities.  His experience in the United States Marines and as a Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration give him a very unique insight into the environments that our consoles go into.  Coupled with his experience as Union lead for Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement as well as Facility Realignments and Consolidations and he brings a unique ability to understand and convey the concerns of not only ATC, but also those of Maintenance personnel and Engineering Services personnel as well. Understanding and sometimes “translating” those concerns to the other entities is a vital avenue to success.

Knowing how the ATC environment functions is really important.  My experience as a controller and my years of interactions with both controllers and maintenance personnel helps me to help the customer.

– Mitch Herrick, Director ATC Consoles

Mitch Herrick Russ Bassett ATC Consoles Director


Russ Bassett Senior Project Manager

Our Senior Project Manager and our on-site Project Managers are well versed in installation of our products in a wide array of environments. They are not only experts in installation but also possess skills in fabrication, carpentry and electrical. Our installation teams are consummate professionals who understand the importance of their work and the dynamic intricacies of the environments where we install.

In my 20+ years of installation experience in various environments I have never experienced anything like the ATC operation. Having a fully knowledgeable, experienced air traffic controller to talk through issues and help during installations has given our installation team a distinct advantage.

– Randy Tutaj, Senior Project Manager


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