Last updated on November 28th, 2023 at 03:12 am

If you want your drone command center operations to be as efficient as possible, the furniture you choose matters. Your team can work faster and more easily with thoughtfully chosen console furniture, convenient storage, and space planning that supports key lines of sight.

As you design your drone control room, here are a couple of aspects to consider.


Command Consoles

The right command consoles can have a huge impact on operators’ workflow in government, public safety, and security settings. You can find console furniture that is specially designed for drone command centers and similar settings. These consoles can be optimized for your technology needs, with well-placed cable management and storage space for certain equipment. 

Some command consoles are also more ergonomic than others, which affects your team members’ comfort and ability to avoid repetitive injuries in the long run. A good command console will allow you to adjust monitor height and positioning, and potentially the surface height as well. 

Durability is also an important factor. If your drone command center will operate 24/7, your consoles should be designed to stand up to 24/7 use for a decade. Every component and material should be made to last.


Drone Command Center Furniture and Sightlines

drone command center

The furniture placement is arguably the most important part of your drone command center design after the command consoles themselves. Sightlines and ease of access to equipment have a direct impact on drone control room employees’ ability to work efficiently.

Before you start planning your space or setting up furniture, ask your team what they need to be able to see and access from their workstations. Think about their daily workflows. The technology and equipment they use most often should be stored near their workstations, preferably in a way they can access without leaving their seats. Your team members may also be more efficient with a clear line of sight to certain screens or other employees. 

Your findings will likely affect not only the furniture you buy, but also how you arrange that furniture and where you place your video walls.


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