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Control consoles are arguably the most important furniture in a control room. Over the course of long shifts, they can have a major impact on operators’ comfort and productivity.

At Russ Bassett, we know that different organizations have different workflows and different control console needs. We can help you understand what to look for as you shop for new control room furniture.

What to Consider When Choosing Control Consoles

Technology Integration

Your control room staff uses a wide range of technology as part of the daily workflow. Your team needs space for all that technology and a good cable management system to make sure no one trips over loose wires.

A good control console will be designed to accommodate the technology you use. It will have storage space for equipment, thoughtful cable management features, and a design that keeps key equipment on hand. If your organization uses unique equipment, you may want to look for consoles that can be customized around that equipment.


Ergonomics contribute a lot to your control room operators’ health. If they have their wrists or elbows in the wrong position, they won’t be able to work as fast and may develop repetitive injuries after a while.

Your control room consoles should be height adjustable so operators can choose the right surface height for their individual bodies. The consoles should also have monitor height adjustability to help users avoid neck strain.


Most furniture isn’t designed to stand up to 24/7 use. Since your mission-critical team will be using your control consoles all the time, you need to look for something extra durable.

At Russ Bassett, we design all our control room consoles for decade-plus performance in 24/7, mission-critical work environments. Every component, material, appliance, and accessory is designed to last. And if any part of your Russ Bassett console starts wearing down after all, it’s covered under our 10-Year-Everything Warranty.

Which Russ Bassett Control Consoles Are Right For You?


control consolesFlex Consoles

Russ Bassett’s Flex Consoles have a small footprint and plenty of adjustment options. We offer both corner and linear control consoles so you can choose the right combination of furniture shapes for your space. Users can adjust the surface height 26” from a low sitting to tall standing position, adjust the monitor height 12”, and adjust the focal depth 8”.


Flex Consoles are designed to integrate technology easily with an intuitive user interface. The technology cabinets come with pull-out shelves, and there is extra storage space in the steel technology wall. The control dashboard lets users adjust the surface and monitor height, the climate, the dimmers for task and ambient lights, and the status indicator lights from one central place.

Define Consoles

Russ Bassett’s Define Consoles were developed to meet mission-critical teams’ emerging needs. We offer four different Define console shapes: the 90 Degree Corner Control Console Desk, the Corner Wrap Command Center Desk, the Linear Control Center Desk, and the Linear Wrap Control Room Console.

These control consoles offer your team a brighter aesthetic with plenty of function, including non-handed storage. There is a large primary workspace, unencumbered knee space, a convenient control dashboard, and a tackable acoustic divider. The front and rear panels give you dual access to equipment.

How to Choose the Right Control Consoles for Your Control Room Needs

If your organization prioritizes non-handed storage, different console surface shape options, and a brighter aesthetic, Define Consoles could be right for your needs. If you care more about modular flexibility with sit-stand height adjustment and other adjustability features, our Flex Consoles are likely the better choice. Either way, Russ Bassett can help you design a comfortable, high-functioning control room space.

Both console lines come in more than one shape and size, offer storage space, give users some adjustability options, and keep console controls within easy reach. To learn more about the differences between these control consoles and their features, schedule a virtual tour of our showroom.

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