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At Russ Bassett, our design, engineering and manufacturing teams consistently seek improvement. We do this by maintaining close relationships with materials providers, technology vendors and mission critical teams in the field. We listen to their likes and dislikes, what’s working and what could be better, and we closely observe operator and technology needs and trends. The synthesis of feedback drives progressive control room consoles that serve public safety 911 dispatch and operations control teams.


One Size (One Style) Control Room Console Does Not Fit All

While there are core product attributes of all high-quality console furniture, we hear loud and clear that “one size does NOT fit all.” You will find as many differences as you do commonalities among mission critical agencies. People, team structure, work styles, communication flow, and types of technology come together to create unique environments.

  • 911, 611 and 311 Dispatch
  • Public Safety Emergency Communications
  • Operations Control (NOC, SOC, GSOC)

We offer multiple distinctive console products, each with a variety of surface shapes, sizes, storage and accessories. This means teams have the freedom to choose the control room console furniture that best suits their agency’s needs. Take a minute to discover how console choice can help you tune-up your team environment. We’ll cover important features of command control consoles and the differentiation that sets two console product  lines apart: Flex and Define.

  • Core Features of Effective Consoles
  • Unique Attributes of Flex Consoles
  • Unique Attributes of Define Consoles


Core Features of Control Room Consoles

All Russ Bassett consoles are designed with core features that have been field tested and proven top-of-class by mission critical teams. In addition, Flex and Define consoles deliver unique attributes for teams seeking specific function and style differentiation. Here’s what Flex and Define share.


Single Surface, Dual Lift

Single Surface, Dual Lift provides best console ergonomics

Single surface, dual lift consoles offer tremendous value in control room applications because they provide two sets of lifting columns, one for the surface and an independent set for the monitor array. With the touch of a button, the expansive, uninterrupted worksurface moves all work tools and appliances with the operator, maintaining critical anthropomorphic measurements. The second set of lifters allows the operator to effortlessly adjust all monitors vertically with an electric actuator – important as agencies continue to transition to PC based systems that require more monitors, larger monitors, or a blend of both.


Command and Control Room Console Ergonomics​Ergonomic Console Surface Adjustment

Flex and Define command and control room consoles are height adjustable. This ensures operators benefit from both ergonomic recommendations and can move from sitting to standing throughout the course of their shift; both ergonomic adjustment and movement promote musculoskeletal health.

  • 26” range of adjustment
  • Meets the ergonomic needs of the fifth percentage female, sitting to the ninety-fifth percentile male, standing, and everyone in between.
  • Promotes movement throughout the course of the day


Slatwall Array

Slatwall-ArrayBoth Flex and Define consoles come standard with the Slatwall Monitor Array. Choose the type of adjustment that best suits your team’s needs – fixed, height adjustable, or height adjustable with focal depth adjustment. No matter the type of adjustment you select, your operators will benefit from the unique curved array that accommodates monitors of multiple sizes and orientations, including stacked screens and large screens. Complete with integrated power, secure cable channels and a rear shroud, the Slatwall Array improves both the user interface and the technology integration/maintenance experience.

  • The curved Slatwall Array holds large screens, double stacks and portrait monitor configurations
  • 12” electric height adjustment
  • 8” manual focal depth adjustment
  • All monitors move together, preserving tilt and peripheral angles


Centralized Controls

Centralized User ControlsConveniently located below the monitor array and within easy reach of the operator, the Define and Flex Dashboard includes surface and monitor height adjustment. Agencies can add a variety of additional console controls to increase user comfort and productivity.

  • Climate controls
  • Dimmers for task and ambient lights
  • Convenience power and data for charging personal devices
  • Quick-connect USB ports


Unique Benefits of Flex Consoles

Public Safety Supervisor Position - Russ Bassett


Corner and Linear Shapes

Choose 90 degree corner consoles or linear Flex consoles. Plan them freestanding, side-by-side, back-to-back, or along the room’s perimeter.

Enduring Steel Construction

Agencies have come to appreciate Flex’s steel construction, expertly joined to create a modular and near-indestructible furniture asset. Rob Reardon of Duxbury, Massachusetts Fire Department shared it best: “Nothing out there can touch this (Russ Bassett consoles). Russ Bassett is rugged, and it can’t be destroyed. When our old (Russ Bassett) consoles were finally removed, they looked new and every piece of furniture has been gifted.” Not only did the agency’s initial investment serve its intended purpose, the consoles were gifted to other agencies where they will serve another decade or more.

Unique to Russ Bassett Flex consoles, perforated steel panels passively cool equipment. This means that agencies do not have to invest in additional cooling appliances that require lifetime maintenance.  The perforated steel keeps equipment operating at optimal temperatures.

Technology Wall with Panels

Unique Technology Wall

The Technology Wall encircles the console and serves as the tech and data integration hub. Ample room for equipment is rack-mount ready and contains two channels for separating data and power cabling as it travels through the console frame. Equipment and cables remain protected. IT teams can easily access Technology Wall compartments from the front or back side of the console.

Flex Control Room Console Laminate Finishes


The Flex finishes palette was selected to imbue the technology-forward, enduring qualities that customers have come to appreciate. Choose from a variety of surface finishes to complement the powder coated steel structure.



Unique Benefits of Define Consoles

define consoles four styles to choose from

Four surface shapes and non-handed storage gives you the freedom to configure your Define consoles as freestanding, side-by-side, back-to-back, or along the room’s perimeter.


Mixed Material Construction

Define is an optimal blend of wood and steel. Leveraging more than 60 years of manufacturing know-how, we have combined wood and metal to create a console that is sophisticated and functional. Core frame and lifting columns are steel. Outer cabinets and the surface are constructed from ultra-durable wood core with laminate and textile finishes.

911 dispatch consoles disinfected by UVC wand


Base Frame

Like the Flex Technology Wall that inspired it, the Define Base Frame contains power and data integration capability, equipment storage and separate cable channels to mitigate power and data interference. The interior compartment can be accessed from the from or back side of the console. Aesthetically, the outside of the Base Frame is softened with laminate clad doors and fabric uppers.



Choose from a variety of sophisticated finish schemes or build your own. Handsome wood-grain laminate surface, door and drawer options add depth and warmth. A curated collection of durable, easy-to-clean textiles are beautiful and functional as tackable surfaces.



The Bottom Line? The Choice is Yours.

No two agencies are exactly alike. And teams within an agency may need, or prefer, different control room console amenities. No matter whether you like the tech-forward steel construction of Flex or the equally durable, yet warmer look of Define, we’ve got you covered.


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