Control room console design plays a pivotal role in operator comfort and productivity. It’s essential to create ergonomic workstations that support your team members during long shifts in high-intensity environments.

In this guide, we will explore the key features to consider as you shop for control room consoles. But first, let’s go over the difference between control room consoles and regular office desks.


The Difference Between Control Room Consoles and Standard Office Desks

Control room consoles are specialized workstations found in mission-critical control room environments, such as 911 dispatch centers and air traffic control settings. These consoles are designed to integrate efficiently with specialized technology, adhere to high ergonomic standards, and address the unique needs of high-stakes operations. They are also durable enough to withstand 24/7/365 use.

Standard office desks do not provide the same level of technology integration, and they don’t last as long with constant use. The ergonomics often work fine for basic computer workers but not as well for certain mission-critical teams with different equipment setups.

Choosing effective control room consoles begins with a deep understanding of user needs and the challenges faced in the control room environment.


Important Features in Control Room Consoles

control room consoles

When designing control room consoles, it’s crucial to prioritize features that facilitate ergonomics, easy access, and minimal technology clutter. Below are essential features that significantly impact operators’ work lives:


1. Surface and Monitor Adjustments

Adjustable surfaces and monitors allow different operators to adjust their workstations to their specific heights and proportions. They should allow surfaces to move to ergonomic heights for both shorter and taller employees, ideally accommodating both sitting and standing positions.

The goal is to optimize for comfort during long shifts and maintain optimal monitor viewing angles. Control console furniture should also promote good posture, encouraging operators to have their feet flat and their arms roughly parallel to the ground.


2. Equipment Space

Control room workspaces require surfaces and storage spaces that can support frequently used equipment within easy reach. All necessary equipment should be within arm’s reach and stored safely without cluttering the work surface.

This type of setup enhances efficiency and minimizes distractions during critical operations.


3. Temperature and Lighting Controls

User-controlled lighting, heating, and cooling are often helpful features for control room console furniture. Operators should ideally have the ability to adjust lighting and temperature to create a comfortable environment during extended shifts.

Inadequate lighting or uncomfortable temperatures can lead to frustration or complaints in the short term. In the long term, it can lead to eye strain, fatigue, and decreased productivity. Task lighting is especially important, providing focused illumination on critical spaces without compromising the overall room environment.


Choosing the Best Control Room Consoles For Your Team

During the control room furnishing process, it’s essential to talk with the intended users. Input from current operators can help you understand pain points and functional needs that might be overlooked by management. Operators are the experts in their workstations and can give you valuable insights into improvements.

Considerations for room configuration are crucial, including strategic spacing to minimize noise disruption and potential adjustments for social distancing. Designing a control room is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each team has unique needs, operational priorities, and business processes that should be integrated into the design.


Partner with Russ Bassett for Control Room Consoles

Russ Bassett has a legacy dating back to the 1960s of excellence in the furniture business. Our control room consoles are designed with the best amenities to cater to many different operators’ needs. By listening closely to our clients, the Russ Bassett team creates customizable features and sleek, thoughtful designs for safety and comfort during extended shifts.

All Russ Bassett products come with a 10-year warranty, ensuring durability and performance for a decade or more. Contact Russ Bassett today or schedule a virtual tour to see how we can tailor our control room consoles to meet your unique requirements.

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