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When you buy console furniture for a military command center, you want to make sure you are getting quality products that will meet your needs. A good price and a customer support line are important, but you need your consoles to be highly functional, too.

Russ Bassett is well known in the military and government furniture market for excellent customer service. However, our reputation doesn’t end there: We are also known for providing highly functional furniture that will serve your team well for many years to come.

Here are four features that truly make Russ Bassett’s consoles stand apart:


Secure Technology Integration

With Russ Bassett military command center furniture, it’s easy to install and connect power, data, and equipment for your command center. We use a variety of kits and hardware to reduce installation pain points while also protecting all your cables and connections for the long haul. Facility and technology teams benefit from comprehensive equipment integration.

We include a carefully designed cable management system and multiple access points in our consoles. The deep, secure steel shroud surrounds the console and conceals all cables and equipment. Meanwhile, convenient cable chases keep power and video cables within users’ reach and neatly tucked behind the monitors.

We also have modular technology cabinets with a pull-out shelf. Your IT techs can easily access rear-facing cable connections.

Our Slatwall monitor arrays can accommodate a wide range of screen sizes and configurations, including large, wide-format, and curved screens. The array comes equipped with two six-outlet power strips. Both the front and back of the array can hold monitors, small form-factor PCs, and additional work tools.

Best of all, Russ Bassett’s consoles are made to adapt to the ever-changing technology needed in military command and control rooms. Our furniture can withstand technology evolution as well as constant usage.


Russ Bassett’s Military Command Center Consoles Includes A Top-Notch User Interface

Russ Bassett’s command and control consoles have an expansive work surface with consolidated controls so you can easily make changes to the surface height, focal depth, and more. With a Russ Bassett console, it’s easy to stay organized.

Each console comes with a customizable dashboard. In addition to standard surface and monitor height adjustments, you can add up to six extra cartridges. The dashboard controls and their configuration are specified by the agency.

Accessory options include:

  • Dimmable task light
  • Quick-Connect USB ports
  • Personal comfort system controls, including tilting under-surface heaters and desktop fans
  • Convenience power
  • Situational awareness alert
  • Ambient lighting dimmer

We provide both corner and linear consoles with a similar footprint. Your team can choose the style that is right for your work needs and space.


Thoughtful Ergonomic Design

military command center

Ergonomics is about more than just comfort. Good ergonomic design helps users stay focused and avoid repetitive injuries at work. Ideally, all of your console users should be able to sit with their feet flat on the ground and arms roughly parallel to the floor while they work so they can stay as healthy as possible.

Since different employees have different heights and proportions, workstations need a wide range of adjustability options. Surface heights, monitor distances, and chair heights should be easy for users to change as needed.

Russ Bassett’s consoles are designed for 24/7 work at military command and control centers. We integrate a full suite of ergonomic amenities to support each user’s health, comfort, and focus on mission-critical tasks, including:

  • A full range of sit-stand height adjustment. We include 26” of electric sit-stand height adjustment in our console furniture, allowing users at up to the 95th height percentile to stand and down to the 5th percentile to sit in the optimal position. Heavy-duty lifting legs and electric adjustability make it as simple as possible for users to adjust the height of their workspace.
  • Easy monitor and focal depth adjustment. Focal depth can be manually adjusted up to 8” with a recessed adjustment rail, which keeps the work surface free of obstruction. All monitors move together with single-touch controls.
  • Unencumbered knee space. We know that knee space is a pain point for many console operators, so we have made a point of designing our consoles with extra open space in the area.
  • All the supplemental lighting your users could ever need. Russ Bassett consoles come equipped with easily accessible, user-controlled lighting options so each operator can adjust their lighting based on their personal preference.
  • Centralized environmental controls. Our environmental controls are within reach and all in one place. The system lets users easily change their temperature and other aspects of their environment at work without becoming distracted.
  • Customizable features and configurations. Every organization has its own unique function needs. We work with your team to identify pain points and create solutions so operators can have the most ergonomic and functional workspace possible.

With Russ Bassett’s military command and control furniture, every operator can quickly set up their workstation in the best configuration for their health and focus. We take a thoughtful approach to every aspect of our furniture design, and it pays off in our users’ comfort.

Russ Bassett’s Military Command Center Consoles Guarantee

All Russ Russ Basssett products are covered by our 10 Year Everything Warranty, which is unmatched in the industry. There is no fine print. We cover all items and parts related to your military control room console, plus shipping and labor, for a full decade after your purchase.

All of our products are made for decade-plus performance in a 24/7 work environment. We carefully select only the best materials, accessories, and appliances for all of our military command and control center furniture. Our consoles have special Endure comfort edges that are directly molded to the substrate for a watertight seal and durability without marring, curling, or peeling.

Choose Russ Bassett for Military Command Center Consoles and Control Furniture

Russ Bassett furniture is designed with the best amenities on the market to tailor to every operator’s needs. We work with your team to create customizable features, solve for common pain points, and develop sleek, thoughtful command center designs that help keep your mission-critical team at its best at all hours of the day and night.

Our clients include air operations centers (AOC and CAOC), air traffic control (Tower and RAPCON), Base Defense Operations Centers (BDOC), Base Operations Centers, Command Posts, Cyber Operations Centers, Emergency Communications and Operations (ECC and EOC), and Joint Operations Centers (JOC). We are proud to serve government and military clients throughout the United States.

All Russ Bassett products are proudly made in the USA at our factory in Whittier, CA. We provide an all-inclusive 10-year warranty, so you can be sure that your furniture will stand up to decade-plus performance.

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